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Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

Amazing and truly interesting animals, dogs have been the most favorite pets since ancient times, in many countries of the world. There are numerous reasons for that fact. Those four-legged fellows are very affectionate and loyal animals. They enjoy the company of their humans and other living beings, as well. If treated and trained properly, dogs could be kind, mild and grateful to us. They are to be considered our friends, not just cuddly pets. There are various dog breeds and each has its individual characteristics. So, if you think of getting a dog, please be aware not all dogs are suitable for your living conditions and surroundings.

First of all, dogs are sensitive and loyal beings. They don’t like to spend time alone, so you must thoroughly consider if you’ll have enough time to take care of your pet.

Unfortunately, some people get a dog thinking it’s so cool to have a beautiful pet to play with and show around, unaware of a fact it needs to be treated almost as a family member. Many dogs end up on streets, scared, sad and abandoned. They become either dangerous or just fearful of humans. Please be aware having a dog is a serious commitment and never ever get one if you conclude you won’t have enough time.

Dogs are not easy to take care of. It might seem they are easy to please, but the truth is they really need a lot of care, in order to be satisfied and to grow healthy and strong. All dogs need grooming, depending on their physical features.

They also need regular medical care, so you should never save money on your pet’s health. A dog needs good and big living space to rest and play. It also requires a lot of physical activity, regardless of your living space. A dog needs regular walkouts, no matter if you live in a house with yard or an apartment. If you are able to meet these basics, you are ready to get yourself this beautiful pet.

Good menu for your pet

Nutrition is always an essential part of taking care of a pet, a dog in this particular case. Dogs are not picky animals, but that doesn’t mean they should eat everything. They are quite unaware of what’s good for their bodies and what’s not. They should thank humans for that. Having spent so much time by our side, dogs got used to eat viands other than their natural food, which means meat. They were only meat eaters once, but their digestive system adapted to various types of food, meaning plant food in the first place. That means they could eat meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and few other viands. Protein food of animal origin should be the first on their list. Artificial food like ketchup might not be good for dogs.

Feeding a dog should not be difficult, if you do some research and get well informed on your pets’ individual needs. If you want to be really sure what the best for your dog is, go to see a vet and make with him well balanced diet scheme for your pet. Most experts would usually recommend you purchase some good quality dry dog food products for a basic part of your pet’s menu. Those products are well balanced to provide your pet the essential nutrients it needs on a daily basis. It contains good proportions of proteins and other important ingredients your dog needs to grow and stay healthy and strong.

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Beside granulated food, there are vacuumed and canned products that are also good to include in your dog’s diet plan and to combine. Some homemade food could also be good to enrich your dog’s menu. Be cautious when choosing viands to prepare meal for a dog. It can eat some homemade meat, some fruits, veggies, grains and few other viands as well. They may also enjoy some peanut butter. There are lots of suggestions on how to prepare a good and healthy meal for a dog, so do a research and seek for advices.

Can I give my dog raw meat?

Meat is natural dogs’ food. They were once carnivores, like their wild relatives and cats, amongst pets. However, dogs adapted to different types of food, but meat remained their basic. It provides dogs essential proteins and amino acids for a safe and healthy growth and development. Meat proteins are extremely important to canines. Nutrients from meat are responsible for their bones and muscle tissues and their health in general. Commercial dog food contains those.

However, you can also feed your pet some meat in home edition. It is true dogs are originally hunters, so raw meat sounds as their natural food. Raw meat is nutritional and good for canines. It contains a lot of valuable elements a dog needs for its development and health. However, feeding your pet raw meat could be quite tricky. While dogs’ naturally digest meat without any difficulties, domesticated pets, used to eat commercial food, could have problems with it.

According to some researches and individual experiences, beef, turkey and lamb meat should be the safest meat to serve raw. Many owners prefer feeding their pets cooked over raw meat. It has certain good sides, of course. Cooked meat contains fewer nutrients, but it is much safer than raw. Raw meat could contain bacteria and parasites and get your pet serious health problems.

Be extremely cautious over raw meat and if you want to treat your four-legged friend some tasteful bites, carefully select only high quality and officially approved meat. If your pet regularly eats dog granules and such, give it a really small bite first and monitor its behavior. If everything goes well, some high quality raw meat is completely fine.

There is small number of owners who feed their dogs only meat. Strict meat diet requires a lot of money and effort, so people usually stick to dog food, with some fleshy occasional bites as a good protein addition.

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