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Can Dogs Eat Shellfish?

We all eat different types of seafood, and among them, shellfish is not uncommon. Shellfish can be of two types- One is crustacea (that includes, lobster, crab and shrimp), while the other one is the mollusk (that comprise mussels, clams, scallops and oysters).

The responses to crustacean form of the shellfish are likely to quite serious. When you have allergy to a sort of shellfish, there is another one to be tasted by you. But, how you pet dog will react if it is provided with shellfish? Your dog may react differently to the different kinds of the shellfishes.

Do the dogs prefer shrimp?

If your canine pet is able to endure shrimp, then it may be a very nourishing treat. Many people do not know that shrimp has selenium that works as antioxidant. The seafood has 2 diverse kinds of the antioxidants, and it means that one can get possible health benefits. Vitamin-B12 and Phosphorous can also be found in huge quantity in the shrimps. Simultaneously, it has low amount of in carbohydrates, calories or fat. Obviously, cholesterol is one of the issues. However, if you do not feed the dog with it, the risks may be reduced.

The shrimp that is cooked assists to destroy any detrimental bacteria, which can lead to some sickness, like upset stomach. Though the dogs may eat raw shrimp, it is better to offer cooked shrimp. As raw shrimp has bacteria, do not give this to your dog. But, while cooking, never use high seasoning.

Mussels – Are they good for dogs?

It is seen that more than fifty percent of the canines, which are aged start developing arthritis in different joints. Usually, it is in the hips and knees. Some drugs for the arthritis may affect the dogs adversely. But, the miracle can be seen when the dog eats the mussels. Mussels have high amount of minerals and omega fatty acids, which are not found in some other kind of the marine life. A research has revealed that these are applied to lessen the aching. Moreover, they also work as the feeding refreshment. But, their best healing capacity is due to their anti-inflammatory nature.

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Scallops and the dogs’ diet

Many owners of dogs try to know whether it is right to give scallops to the pets. Of course, they can give it to the dogs but the amount of scallops to be given should be moderate. One or two pieces of the scallops may be enough for your dogs. You have to keep in mind that the cooked scallop can be the suitable meal for any dog. But, the fried one is never recommended. The experts exclude the fried scallops from pet’s diet list. In fact, the foods that are fried are not suggested.

Fried foodstuffs consists high amount of fat, which may cause the pancreatitis of the dogs. Moreover, fried scallops can also lead to the pains in stomach. Flavorings may be another issue when you plan to give scallops to the dogs. When you prepare the dish using excess components like salt, butter, and spice, all these things may not be suitable for your dog.

Is lobster healthy for dogs?

Though lobster consists of several helpful nutrients, this has also high level of sodium and cholesterol, and thus, it is not quite healthy. In moderation, however, it is acceptable for us to eat. But, for dogs, the sodium level is risky and it causes damage to your pet’s kidneys, coma or also death. In addition to it, cholesterol-rich foodstuff is extremely harmful for canines and lobsters have high cholesterol.

Thus, you can choose only the beneficial shellfishes for your dogs, and provide them in moderate level. Check if dogs can eat figs next.

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