Can Dogs Eat Soybeans?

Dogs generally love human food and they always seem to be hungry. But, it is very important to find some healthy treat as an addition to your dog’s diet. We recommend you to try with vegetables and legumes. They are rich in minerals and vitamins and they are low in calories.

Also, they provide fiber, which is the most important for healthy digestion. One of the legumes that dogs prefer are soybeans. In this article you will find out something more about soybeans and we will also tell you which amount of this legume is safe for your dog. Also, you can read our article about dogs eating melon.

What Are Soybeans?

Today different soy products are available, such as flour, tofu, soy protein, soy milk, soybean oil and soy sauce. Soybean or soya bean is a legume which comes from eastern Asia and it is also called large bean or yellow been. Soybeans have been consumed for thousand years and they form a very important component of Asian diets. Today soybeans are grown not only in Asia, but all around the world, mainly in South and North America. Soybeans are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients which are related to many health benefits.

Also, soybeans contain large amounts of protein, but they are also rich in carbs, fat, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. There’s no doubt that soybeans are very beneficial for people, but there is a question if you can give some soybeans to your dog.

Are Soybeans Safe for Dogs?

The answer is yes. Your dog should eat soybeans for many reasons. Some studies have shown that proteins which are found in soybeans are beneficial for dog’s health. In many food lists for dogs we can see soy protein, soybean meal, soy fiber, soybean oil or soy flour. Soybeans are rich in proteins and they are usually added to dog food. We can say that soy is a pretty common ingredient in dog food. Some researches have shown that 17% of all dog foods are made of soy products. Soybeans are used in both wet and dry recipes for dogs. Soybeans can improve dog’s health on many ways. Isoflavones which are found in soybeans can treat urinary incontinence in dogs. Minerals and vitamins from soybeans can also have a positive effect on dog’s health.

Which Amount of Soybeans is Safe for Your Dog?

When you give soybeans to your dog, remember that the portion size is the most important. Soybean portions should be small and given only occasionally to your dog. If you are giving soybeans to your dog for the first time, you should give him only a small piece. Observe the reaction of your dog before giving him larger amount of soybeans. The same should be done to many other food and drinks, like orange juice.

The Risks of Eating Soybeans

Studies have shown that soy can be dangerous if it is used in big amounts. Larger portions of soybeans can cause nausea or loose stools to your dog. Sometimes soybeans can also cause gas and bloat in dogs, which can be deadly. Excessive soy consumption can also lower levels of thyroid hormone. Because of that soybeans are not recommendable if your dog suffers from hypothyroidism. Dogs who have soy allergies should also avoid this legume.


As you have seen, soybeans can be beneficial both for people and dogs and they are common ingredient in dog food. But, you should always remember that dogs should obtain proteins from meat of other animals, not from legumes like soy. Soy is a good protein and source of energy, but moderation is the most important. We also recommend you to consult veterinarian before giving soybeans to your dog.

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