Can Dogs Eat Tortillas

Dogs have extremely specific dietary requirements, for this reason, you always need to choose the diets very carefully. While giving foods to dog, we often include bread to the dog’s diet. And one of these bread-like foods is the tortilla. Though bread is often a major item in dog’s food, you have to know about tortilla.

Tortilla – Is it acceptable to dogs?

Tortilla is one of the ethnic foodstuffs, which you may find as the major element in most of the diets. We prepare different dishes with the tortilla. But, the question is- Can you add tortillas to the bowls of your dogs? Obviously, your dog may gobble tortillas as soon as you give them. However, doing so all the time may not be a good idea.

There are several food items that we enjoy on a regular basis but our pets cannot do so. The systems for digestion in our dogs’ body are not designed like ours. In fact, they need mostly the protein, found in meat. In most cases, dogs must not be provided with the processed foods.

With regard to the tortilla, it can be said that feeding only a few pieces of this items to your dog may not do harm instantly. But, the situation will perhaps turn out to be complex, when you help your dog to develop the undesirable feeding habit of eating the tortillas daily. Rather, try to simplify the diet of your dogs.

Are the tortilla chips harmful?

In case of the tortilla chips, made for your pets, the negative fact is that there is high quantity of salt. Consuming the salty food excessively is detrimental for our body; however, it is also worse for most of the canine animals that are not able to endure too much salt. In fact, adding it to seafood like tilapia makes it unhealthy for your pets, and the same goes for other food. In fact, salty item may be toxic to all cats and dogs. The intake of very salty snacks potato chips or tortilla chips may also have a bad impact on the health of your doggie. They can cause extreme thirst along with urination. And it is also not good to persuade your dog by giving the pieces of those tortilla chips, when it wants from you. If you have built the practice of sharing human foodstuff with the pet, you may feed the dog some risky thing accidentally.

Moreover, it is perhaps also known to you that tortilla chips can be slightly intense in terms of calorie. Thus, though consuming a few of these chips may not lead to harm, they cannot do any good thing for your dog. Still, if you like to give tortilla chips to your dog, you may prepare it at your home and control the use of salt.

Tortilla of two varieties

Tortillas can be found in 2 different kinds. It is better not to give any of them to your dogs. The first category is made of grain. But, dogs do not assimilate all the grains our body can. At times, grains and wheat are not also digested utterly. Indeed, when your pet has allergy to the gluten, this is another reason to avoid the use of tortillas.

Another kind of the tortillas is based on the corn. Although dogs are generally competent to digest this category easily, it may not be recommended, especially when your pup is sensitive to corn.

Make certain that your dog is eating just what is best for their health. High quality food for dog can not only develop general fitness but also recover the obedience. You can also prepare the dog’s food at your home, and include all the nutrients that are suitable for your pet’s body.

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