Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Before feeding your dog a certain human food, you should know if this food is safe for your dog or not. You should keep in mind that not all human foods are good for dogs. Some of them may be toxic to dogs and they can lead to many health issues and even to death of your dog. Some, like honey, are not immediately dangerous, but should be given in limited amounts.

You should know that a dog’s digestive system is different from ours, so you need to be careful. To avoid any problems, it is best to use foods that are on the list of safe foods for dogs.

In this article we will talk about turkey meat. Due to its low fat content and high nutritional value, turkey meat is very popular all around the world. There’s no doubt that turkey may be very beneficial for us human, but what about dogs?

It is known that dog owners enjoy sharing food with their dogs. But, is it okay to feed your dog turkey? Can this meat cause any side effects? If you are a dog owner, you should read carefully this article before feeding your dog turkey.

More about Turkey Meat

Turkey meat is the meat that we get from domesticated turkeys. This meat is a very popular meat product and it is a part of many significant events. It is impossible to imagine the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day without a turkey on the table. A roast turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving meal in United States. Also, turkey is served for Christmas and New Year, but we also eat this meat in our everyday diet.

Turkey is a meat that is eaten in many parts of the world. This meat may be sold ground or in slices, but you may also buy a whole turkey and prepare it your way. Sometimes turkey meat can be used as a substitute for chicken meat. Cooked turkey meat is considered less moist than chicken meat, duck meat and other poultry meats.

Turkey meat may also be processed and used as turkey bacon or turkey ham. You can use fresh or frozen turkeys for your cooking. Turkey meat is usually baked in oven for about a couple of hours.

When it comes to a nutritional value of turkey meat, it is good to know that this meat contains more protein than other types of meat. Also, it is known that white turkey meat is much healthier than dark turkey meat. Actually, white turkey meat is lower in saturated fats, but in a nutritional sense these meats are almost the same.

Turkey meat is usually served with mashed or sweet potatoes, green beans or squash. Although turkey is generally low in fat and high in nutrients, you should be careful with other ingredients that you add to your turkey meal. You should avoid adding large amounts of salt and other spices, especially if you want to feed your dog a turkey that you have prepared.

What do you think, is it safe to feed your dog turkey meat? How much of this meat can be used as a treat for your dog? Just continue reading this article and you will find out soon.

Is Turkey Safe for Dogs?

If your dog loves eating turkey, we have good news for you. White meat from turkey and chicken is absolutely safe for dogs and it can be a great healthy snack for him.

Turkey will provide your dog with proteins and all necessary nutrients. Turkey is also a common ingredient in commercially made dog food.

But, it is important to remove bones from the turkey. It is known that turkey bones, like chicken bones, may get stuck in the intestines of your dog. It can cause blockage in the gastrointestinal tract of your dog.

Also, you should be careful if you are giving turkey skin to your dog. Turkey skin can be a great delicious treat for your dog, but too much of this skin can cause adverse effects. If your dog eats turkey skin in large amounts, it may cause canine pancreatitis.

This condition is usually followed by vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. There are also some other symptoms of canine pancreatitis, such as weakness, loss of appetite, irritability and severe pain.

Turkey fat may also be fatal for your dogs, so you should avoid it. It is also important to be sure that your turkey has not been in contact with onions, because they are on the list of toxic foods for dogs.

You should also avoid adding garlic to a turkey, because most dogs may be allergic to this vegetable. Although some dogs may tolerate garlic and it is less poisonous than onions, it is best to avoid it. Too much garlic can kill your dog.

You should have in mind that a turkey you buy at the store may be brined. It means that it is rich in salt, which is not good for dogs. You can serve your dog both raw and cooked turkey meat, but raw meat is much safer for your dog.

If you feed your dog raw turkey, your dog will certainly prefer turkey neck and wings. It is known that the neck of a raw turkey will keep the teeth of your dog clean.

As we have already said, cooked turkey may contain too many spices and it can be very salty, which is not good for your dog. Also, turkey skins and bones may change in consistency if they are cooked, which makes them easy to break. You should know that the skin of a cooked turkey may be very fatty, so be careful.

How Much Turkey Meat Should You Give to Your Dog?

As we have already said, white turkey meat can be a great treat for your dog. But, it is important to feed your dog turkey only in small amounts. Too much turkey may be dangerous for your dog and the symptoms may appear even a week later.

If your dog eats large amounts of turkey, he may experience bloating, diarrhea, depression and other symptoms. Sometimes the consequences may be fatal for your dog.

If your dog has eaten too much turkey or if he has eaten turkey bones, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible. It is important to avoid food poisoning because it can lead to many health issues.


You have seen in this article that turkey meat is safe for your dog and you can use it as an occasional treat. It will provide your dog with necessary nutrients and protein, but it is important to feed your dog turkey meat in moderation. Large amounts of this meat may cause adverse effects and lead to many health issues.

Fresh turkey meat is always the best choice for your dog. But, if you serve your dog a cooked turkey, you have to be careful. Make sure that you have removed the bones and the skin of a turkey before giving it to your dog. As we have already said, turkey bones, skin and fat may be dangerous for your dog.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and we are sure that you will include turkey meat into your dog’s diet. As long as you feed your dog turkey in moderation, your dog will enjoy this healthy treat. You can read our article on dogs and lentils next.

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