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Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt is made from fresh milk which is then fermented by using lactic bacteria starters. It is used in human diet very often, and is known for it’s health benefits to the human body. But, what about dogs.

We consume this food very often, and sometimes it can be found in the leftover that we give to our pets. We all know this dairy product is very good for people, with a lot of health benefits and healthy ingredients. Since it is made from milk, which we can give to our dogs without him being harmed, is it ok for our canine friends to consume yogurt?

Nutrition facts

We can find this food very often in the healthy food list. He is very nutritious and gives us calcium, proteins and potassium. As a probiotic he is very good for our stomach, and digestive system. Probiotics can also help relieve side effects of antibiotic use, which often destroy good bacteria in our intestines and we need to restore them.

He can also help with eczema in babies, and boost our immune system. He also maintains balance of the bacterias in our digestive system. It also strenghtens our bones and muscles. You can also find large amounts of vitamin C and E. So, overall a very healthy food, and on the list of good foods for a reason.

Feeding your dog with yogurt

Yogurt is very healthy for humans, so what about dogs? May pet owners give their dogs yogurt withhout doubt. But when you ask veterinarians about this food, they wouldn’t agree. Your dog will probably be fine after eating yogurt, and nothing fatal is going to happen to him. But, some dogs are lactose intolerant so eating yogurt might be a problem.

Just like humans that are lactose intolerant, dogs can be that too. So, in the end it all comes down to your decision to feed him yogurt or not. If you decide to do so, and you notice something strange about his behaviour, make sure to contact your vet.

Lactose intolerance

If your dog is lactose intolerant than giving him yogurt is a big NO. Just like humans, dogs that are lacotse intolerant, can’t process dairy well. They lack in lactase, enzyme in their intestine that processes lactose sugars in milk. Direct consequences are diahrrea, bloating , gas and abdominal discomfort. You will notice all of these signs if your dog gets a hold of milk, cheese or other dairy products.

So, if you want your dog to have probiotic benefits of yogurt then there are a lot of types of yogurt that are meant for lactose intolerant people, as well as dogs.

Knowing what’s inside

Every time when you give your pet something to eat, that is not especially made for dogs, make sure to read the labels. You can find all the information about the ingredients, and you can look for the ones that shouldn’t be in his every day diet. When choosing yogurt it is best to give your pet low fat, plain yogurt. This is far most the best choice for him. This type doesn’t contain sugar, so it’s the most suitable one.

Other yogurts might contain small or bigger amounts of sugar. It is the very component that makes eating fruits like honeydew a little dangerous. For all the other types then, always read the labels. Since this yogurt is low in fat, dogs will be able to digest it without a problem, and it won’t come to hard on their digestive system.

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In other case, when he does eat a high fatty food of any type, it can cause panceratitis, a life threatening condition. Low fat yogurt can prevent your dog from packing on the pounds, since it is low in calories. Other types of yogurt that are sweet, so fruit yogurts, can also be given to dogs but make sure that they don’t contain artificial sweeteners.

Sometimes aspartame and sucralose can cause mild stomach upset, and xylitol can be toxic for your little friend. Stevia might seem like a good solution but don’t be fooled, choose a plain, nonfat, unsweetened yogurt in which you can mix some fruit.

Beneficial effect of yogurt

Probiotics are probably the healthiest ingredient in yogurt, that can be very beneficial to your dogs health. Yogurt contains live bacterial cultures, taht assist in our, and also canine, digestive systems.

Greek yogurt especially contains more concentrated amount of these good bacterias. Specific organism acidophilus has a very important part in keeping good bacteria in your dogs intestines and lowering bad bacteria. If your friend is taking antibiotics, or other medicines that are very strong, and destroy good and bad bacteria, then yogurt and probiotics are vital. You can give him yogurt few hours after he takes his medicine. Very beneficial use is also for yeast infections, which are common in puppies and older dogs with ear and skin infections. Especially designed probiotics for dogs can also be found, and they are probably the best choice for giving them to your dogs.

So, yogurt, as well as for people, is very beneficial for dogs also. High in proteins, calcium, vitamins C and E, he keeps your canines bones healthy and gives him enough vital components to get him through the day.

Make sure to check labels on all the products that you give to your pets, to avoid giving him too much sugar or other bad ingredients. Probiotics in yogurt will help your pet fight infections, keep his digestive system healthy and lower the number of bad bacteria.

Always choose plain, nonfat and unsweetened yogurts that are the best choice for him. If your dog is lactose intolerant than choose types of yogurt that are especially meant for dogs with this condition. Whenever you are not sure about giving your friend something, always check in with the vet and remove every doubt.

In the end, your friends health and well being is what it’s important so you want to always be sure you are not going to harm him unknowingly. Find out next if pineapples are good for your dogs.

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