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Can Dogs Eat Zucchini?

Dogs are a lot more than just pets. They are great and loving friends to many people, often considered family members. We share a long history of mutual help, support and friendship. Dogs have been humans’ loyal companions long before the history of civilization. They have lived by our side, hunt with us, share our meals and protect our houses, families and our settlements. Nowadays, they are still amongst the most popular animals in the world, taken as pets, guardians and helpers.

Dogs are wonderful and captivating creatures. There is hardly a person who can resist those cute puppy eyes and a button like nose. They are not just sweet and adorable as puppies, if we treat them right, they grow to be our most resourceful friends and support. A connection between a dog owner and its pet is unbreakable. There is no force that would stop your dog from trying to help you and just be there for you. There are various inspiring stories told about their loyalty and love towards people.

If you want your dear four-legged friend to be happy and to have a long, prosperous life by your side, you need to know everything about dogs in general and the particular breed you’re taking care of. Every dog requires basic inevitable conditions to grow and develop normally. You need to provide it space large enough to rest and play, a lot of physical activity, such as walking out, regular medical care, grooming according to the needs of a particular breed and proper, well balanced nutrition plan.

How to feed a dog?

Dogs are not extremely picky when it comes to food, but that doesn’t mean you should feed your pet anything you like or think is good for it. For example, curry will cause digestive problems in dogs, even if they appear to enjoy it. You need to get well informed about the exact nutritional needs for your dog. Not every breed requires the same amount of food or nutrients. It also depends on your dog’s age, health condition, gender and other individual characteristics. Once you’ve seen a vet and concluded what your dog needs, you are ready to prepare it some tasteful, valuable meal.

First of all, dogs are omnivores. Well, they originally belong to carnivore animals, but they’ve spent too much time by our side and got used to food other than meat. So, dogs’ digestive tract can process various types of food, but there are limits, of course. The best option, which solves doubts on what to feed your dog, is to serve it purchased dog food.

Commercial food is good because it is formulated to meet each dog’s individual needs. You can find various high quality products for different dog breeds and different types of dogs. There are products for adult pets, for puppies, lactating or pregnant females and a lot more. Just seek for an expert’s advice and chose what is the most suitable for your dog. You can add some homemade food to your pet’s menu and some good healthy vegetables and fruits, as well, but maybe stay away from sweet corn.

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Healthy zucchinis for your four-legged friend

Dogs do require different types of food in order to grow and stay healthy. Their basic food should be some good purchased dog food, but its diet could be enriched with some tasteful and useful veggies. Unlike cats, who don’t give a thing about vegetables, most of dogs would be delighted to have some. How about some zucchinis?

Zucchinis are extremely healthy for humans. This type of squash is full of valuable nutrients and dietary fiber. It is very low in calories and easy to digest. So, can you share some of your healthy zucchinis with your dog? Well, we are happy to inform you zucchinis are great for dogs. Taken in moderation, of course.

Zucchinis could be a really good treat food for your furry fellow. They contain some useful nutrients, such as potassium and vitamin C. There is no strong reason why not to give it to your dog, except you determined it is allergic to them. If you regularly stick to well balanced diet plan, a portion of tasteful, nutritious zucchinis won’t be a problem. On the contrary, it will benefit your pet.

The thing you need to keep in mind when feeding your dog zucchinis is to prepare it in a proper way. So, you can serve it to your loving pet cooked, baked, steamed or even grilled. You can give your dog some raw zucchinis, as well. Don’t feed your dog fried zucchinis, for obvious reasons. When serving it to your pet, avoid all spices, salt, dips and sauces. Those ingredients won’t do your pet any good. On the contrary, spicy food is bad for dogs’ sensitive bellies. Their bodies are not prepared for such invasive flavors.

So, zucchinis are good for your dog! Serve it in moderation and don’t replace your dog’s regular food with them. Serve it as a healthy treat or addition to meals.

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