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Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

Dogs are lovely beings. They are known to be loyal companions and true friends to many. Throughout human history, dogs have been supportive and helpful beings, unlike any other domesticated animal. Not only they’ve proven successful in many difficult and demanding humans’ jobs, but they’ve also shown an incredible sense of compassion and commitment to humans and their tasks. We share with dogs our times, our emotions, our life, in general, and, what is very important, our food.

Responsible and well infirmed dog owners know their lovely friends were exclusive meat lovers in far past.

However, over time, they got used to human way of living and food we’ve shared with them. That just means dogs evolved to process other groups of food, besides meat. Those groups include different sorts of plant food, meaning dogs are now able to utilize material from food other than just meat. The list excludes our processed food, whatever you might think about your furry friend’s bad habit to eat almost all you serve it.

Feeding dogs

Feeding dogs is a responsible task. You have to gather information about your pet’s individual nutritional needs. Its feeding plan would vary depending on your dog’s age, gender, breed and so on. Go to see your vet, in order to determine the proper diet plan for your pet. It needs various nutrients to develop healthy and stay healthy and satisfied. Once you’ve understood what your dog’s particular needs, you could choose the best products to feed your pet.

Fortunately, in last decades, pet food industry has grown large. There are many manufacturers that produce high quality dog food. The reason why granulated, dry, canned and vacuumed pet food is good option is that those products contain right proportions of nutrients for different dog types. It would be very expensive, demanding and difficult to feed your dog only natural food, in combination that would fulfill its basic needs. Besides that, such food is difficult to find. Therefore, commercial dog food is an excellent option. It provides your pet with all the essential compounds it needs on daily basis.

Besides commercial food, other types of food are welcome, in order to enrich your pet’s menu. Dogs could eat some types of plant food, such as some cereals, veggies and fruits. Meat is ok, of course, but only if it is well prepared. Avoid risk of food poisoning and always cook meat. Dogs can also eat fish. There are vegetables and fruits that would do your dog good; get well informed on dog friendly types. All those viand are ok to make your pet’s menu varied and nutritional. Use commercial food as basic and use other food to enrich your dog’s diet.

Choose fruits and vegetables over sweets, snacks and such. Avoid all of your spiced meals, leftovers, cookies, biscuits and such things. They are very bad for dogs. Salty, sugary, greasy food would most certainly disrupt your pet’s digestive function and make it sick. We all know it is so hard to resist dogs’ charms and stop ourselves of giving them our food. Just always be aware it is not meant for dogs and save your pet from possible health issues. Be a responsible owner and choose what is right for your pet.

Fruits on the menu

As for fruits, they are safe for dogs, unless given in abnormal amounts and served improperly. If you use fruits as a treat for your pet, fruits are fine. You have to wash them thoroughly, in order to remove chemicals and dirt. You should remove the seeds from most of the fruits, because it could be poisonous to your dog. Choose fruits carefully and pick those that are kind of dog friendly. For example, citric fruits are bad option, since they would easily irritate your pet’s belly. Apples, pears and such fruits are ok.

Keep in mind fruits should not take up big part of the dog’s diet, so use them to enrich its menu and to add some interesting flavors to your pet’s nutrition.

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Fruits are great treat option. People often feed their dogs various unhealthy products. Human snacks are not intended to be given to pets! They cannot digest them the way we do, although some of our snacks are quite difficult to digest for humans, as well. No sugars, no additional flavors and fake aromas; dogs’ bellies don’t like such food. Fresh fruits are delicious, sweet and healthy snack for dogs. Just mind the amounts and don’t feed your pet any fruits too frequently.

Aromatic and beneficial strawberries for dogs

When it comes to fruit delicacies for dogs, strawberries are the most welcome! Along with other berries, such as blueberries and blackberries, strawberries are treasuries of antioxidant materials and other valuable compounds. Those aromatic, red berries are highly praised for their numerous healthy benefits for humans and they are beneficial to dogs, as well.

Strawberries are great because they contain lots of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and they are not high in sugar, which is very important for our pets. Dogs cannot digest sugars as people do; too much of it would case them stomach ache, diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Strawberries are welcome because of their low sugar content, antioxidant riches and lack of poisonous seeds. If your dog eats strawberries, you don’t have to think about the risk of poisoning, as you would do with apples and other seeded fruits. Strawberries are mild for your pet’s belly; they are juicy, sweet and tasteful. Above all, they are useful and don’t bring any health threat. However, you should not feed your pet strawberries in unlimited amounts. They are good to be given as a sweet treat.

Berries are generally fine for dogs, because they are very nutritious and have amazing antioxidant powers. Just as they are useful to humans, berries could benefit dogs, in terms of diseases prevention, immune system boosting and so on. Strawberries posses those characteristics, so they are a great choice, if you consider giving your pet some fruits. Strawberries are not inevitable for dogs, but they won’t do them any harm, if served in proper amounts. In fact, they are proven to be beneficial.

In general, strawberries are safe and totally dog friendly. Moreover, they contain an enzyme that keeps dogs’ teeth bright and in good shape. You just need to take care of the amounts, because, even though those beautiful red berries are not so sugary, their natural sugar might still upset your dog’s belly. Serve them in small portions, occasionally.

Replace unhealthy treats with fresh and delicious strawberries and you’ll make your dear fluffy friend happy and healthy.

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