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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Leeks?

All guinea pig owners probably know that the most important elements of the diet of guinea pigs are fresh water, fresh grass hay and high quality pellets. Guinea pig sometimes also enjoys a portion of vegetables or fruits, but not all vegetables or fruits are good for your guinea pig.

There are also foods that your guinea pig should not eat. Before feeding your guinea pig a new food, you should know that digestive system of guinea pig is pretty sensitive, so you should introduce new foods slowly. You should always begin with small amount, in order to see the reaction of your pet first. If there are no side effects, you can continue feeding your guinea pig this food.

In this text we will talk about leeks and its effects on the health of guinea pigs. Is this vegetable safe for them or it is on the list of toxic foods? Read on and find out. For fruits, you might want to begin reading about oranges and guinea pigs.

More About Leeks

Leek is a plant that is related to onion. It has flat overlapping leaves and it is used as a vegetable. Along with onion and garlic, leek also belongs to the genus Allium. The edible part of this plant is a cylinder of bundled leaf sheaths that is sometimes called stalk or stem. When eaten raw, leeks are crunchy and they have a mild onion taste. They are usually added to salads or in different dishes, but they can also be eaten boiled or fried.

Leek is low in calories and its regular consumption can help in weight loss. Leeks are rich in vitamins and minerals, so they have many health benefits for people. But, if you are a guinea pig owner, you are probably wondering whether this vegetable is safe for your pet.

Are Leeks Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Leeks are not safe for your guinea pig. Members of the garlic family generally are not good for guinea pigs, because they contain sulphides, but we can’t say they are poisonous. One serving of leeks will not kill your guinea pig, so don’t panic immediately.

But, if you feed your guinea pig leeks over a long time and in high quantities, it could make your pet very sick. Leeks will probably cause digestive problems in your guinea pig, such as bloating and diarrhea, but also vomiting is possible, especially if leeks are consumed in large amounts. It is best not to feed your guinea pig leeks at all, if you want to keep your pet healthy and lively.


Now when you know more about leeks, you will certainly avoid giving them to your guinea pig.

Actually, none of the members of Allium family is good for guinea pigs. So, if you want to give your guinea pig a delicious and healthy treat, use some other vegetable that is safe for your guinea pig. You have to be well informed about the safety of certain foods before giving them to your pet.

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