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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Guinea pig is one of the small-sized, fluffy, lovable and cute animals! You are perhaps proud of such attractive creature. However, you obviously need to take care of your wonderful companion. A high level of attention should be given in order to prevent all the health issues of your guinea pig.

In fact, it is the everyday diet that can determine the good heath of the small creature. Many guinea pig owners want to give their guinea pigs some fruits, like apples. Undoubtedly, apples are one of the healthiest foods to us. But, is an apple good for a guinea pig?

Fibers and Vitamin in the Apples

The apples contain mainly vitamin C, and its amount is nearly 8 Mg. In fact, it may be essential for your pets to use this vitamin C, because they are not able to make this vitamin on their own body. Moreover, the apples have also a very high quantity of fiber, and every apple may contain 5 Gm of fiber. This amount is quite more than that of an orange, which contains about 4 Gm fibers. The hay that is generally eaten by your cavies must have adequate fiber.

However, adding a few more amount of fiber may not harm your pet. The fibers are such things that enable your guinea pig to preserve food for a long period for the absorption of nutrients from them. Fiber may also be an important item for creating the caecotrophs that are the concentrated nutrients’ source, produced and consumed by the guinea pig. Also see tomatoes.

Sugar is the Main Concern

The main part of apple that causes problems is the sugar, as is the case with other fruits like kiwi. Every apple piece contains sugar that amounts to nearly twenty grams. This sugar content also means that there are very high calories. If your cavy consumes excessive amount of sugar, then it will turn out to be weighty. As a result, it also becomes unfit. Some fruits, including the citrus and berries, may be the better alternatives for your guinea pigs’ treat because they contain very low sugar along with the higher value of the nutrients.

Guinea pigs need to consume apples in some occasions; and if they enjoy the fruit, the apples may be a good meal for particular events. There are some better options; however, apples may not be considered as completely risky option for your guinea pigs.

Testing your Pets’ Preference for Apple

Apples seem to be a very nourishing treat; however, it does not denote that you need to thrust the apples to the throat of guinea pigs. Your most preferred fruit may be apple, but it never always means that this is also guinea pigs’ desired treat.

When you have the plan to give your cavy any vegetable or fruit, like apple, you should test it, at first. In fact, your guinea pig may be a very fastidious creature. You may sometimes get surprised to see that your cavies do not like anything that is offered by you.

Cut one small bit from an apple. Then, leave that in your guinea pigs’ cage. If you wish, you may also feed it with your hand. However, it may depend on whether your guinea pigs are feeling comfortable at this point. It is the moment, when you have the responsibility to watch carefully how much apple is liked by the guinea pig and how much of the fruit is rejected.

Your hairy buddy may begin to munch on the apple piece very fast or promptly pull this into its hiding site. While the pet is seen to do any of the stated activities, most probably it denotes that it prefers the food. But, it may chew the piece and leave it at that place. As an owner, you have to guess what that behavior indicates.

Besides, there are also some possibilities that your cavy being completely new to you, is feeling shy. When this case happens, it will definitely not enjoy the treat. But, it never signifies that it does not prefer the food. It means that the pet isn’t comfortable with the people around it, and so, it acts cautiously. Do not be concerned when it does so. You may try later while you achieve its trust.

Some Considerations to Feed Apples

  • Your cavies may eat any kind of the apples. Only ensure that the apples are completely ripe and they do not taste much sour. Think of your reaction while you are given one sour apple piece to eat.
  • Moreover, try to avoid the apple seeds. Your guinea pig may have a choking risk while eating those small seeds. Besides, the seeds also consist of the cyanide, a harmful chemical that may impact your cavies’ digestive system.
  • The skin of the apples may not do any harm to your guinea pig. However, still it is better to consume the skin in low amount.
  • The leaves of the apples trees are also not risky because they have some amount of calcium.
  • The apple pieces must be as small as possible so that they may be easy to chew and simple to digest. Many of the owners decide allow their guinea pigs on chewing the whole apple. However, it may be a potential choking risk.

Besides, though the apples have lots of nutritional benefits, they seem to be acidic also. The high consumption of apples may cause guinea pigs’ mouth sores.

While your pet takes pleasure in apples, you may add it to the diet one time every week. Then watch cautiously how they are reacting to it. Moreover, find out whether there is any change in the stool. If you have noticed such symptoms, you can reduce their consumption of apple or also stop providing it to them. Still, if you like to continue your cavies’ apple consumption, you need to wait until the stool condition becomes normal.

Prepare the Meal by Combining Vegetables

Place the small apple pieces into a ceramic bowl. Add to it the main vegetables for making the salad. For example, you may add some spinach and any other green vegetables that are fit for the cavies. But, keep away from the iceberg lettuce, because they are not so good for the pet. You may also incorporate some other tasty treats, for example, watermelon, baby carrots and celery. Make certain that the things, which you are incorporating, are safe for cavies. If necessary, you may also introduce applesauce, made at home. It is better to avoid purchasing applesauce of low quality.

Thus, in this way, you can treat guinea pigs for the improvement of health.