Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bananas?

When you own a cute furry companion like guinea pig, you are perhaps concerned about its everyday diet plan. In fact, you cannot give your guinea pig the food that you eat. The pigs need something different. Moreover, often you cannot decide on whether you need to modify their diet to make them healthier. It is at this point you require expert’s advice.

Many guinea pig owners, while changing the diet of the pets, want to add banana to the meal. So, now let us have a look on the topic of whether banana can be helpful to your guinea pig.

What does banana contain?

Bananas have a very high amount of vitamins (choline, folate and vitamin C), which are always essential to the cavy, like guinea pig. Vitamin C is, in fact, extremely important to the pet guinea pigs, because they are not able to generate it in their own body. Bananas have also a quite sufficient level of the minerals, for example, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. All the minerals also help to build strong bones, a good digestive zone, and a fit heart.

Most of the specialists agree with the fact that guinea pigs can consume bananas. The owners will not need to worry if they have already given bananas to their pets. But, still, there are some considerations, which have to be accepted by the pet owners.

It is to be remembered that guinea pigs may consume bananas; however, not on a daily basis. Bananas have to be included as only the rare treat as there are very high quantities of sugar that may ultimately make the little creature feel unwell. Bananas can be compared to candies, and for this reason, they must not be excessively consumed.  Thus, question is- how much amount of banana may be considered as most secured treat for the guinea pig? A thin piece of the banana can be a considerable amount of meal for the pig. And in this manner, you may prevent any disease of the cavy and also give it a good treat at the same time.

How should you give bananas to the cavies?

If your guinea pig does not know the taste of banana and has the possibility of reacting in an odd way, you have to be careful while introducing the fruit. It is said that a thin banana slice may be suitable for it. However, the pig may or may not prefer it. At first, offer only a small banana piece and observe the reaction. When the pet leaves the piece in one corner of the cage and dislikes it, most possibly the banana is not for him. And thus, you may not give more than one banana slice every week.

Make certain that the pig does not consume too much amount of the fruit by mistake. Extreme amount of banana consumption will perhaps lead the aching in tummy. It may also be better idea, when you try to increase the amount, if the pig likes the fruit.

The parts of the fruit that is best for the guinea pig

The parts of a fresh banana may be really most pleasant treat for the guinea pig. However, like fruit itself, the skin of banana also needs to be given in only small amount. You should slice it and find the reactions. When the pig likes it, you may offer it once more. The same process is applicable in case of the banana leaves also. Thus, never throw away the banana peels; these are no more the trashes! Guinea pigs consume the flesh and skin of bananas. Observe whether it takes pleasure in the new kind of snack. But, you must remember that the banana chips may not be suitable for the cavy as these meals are covered with honey; they are extremely sweet in taste.

Guinea pigs’ diets should include not only the bananas but also the other foods that are healthy for them, for example, different vegetables, grass hay, pellets, and clean water.

These pellets are the most important among all the foods of guinea pigs as they contain vitamin C, an extremely beneficial vitamin to them. Moreover, they consist of the nutrients, which may provide the little creature with high energy. Fruits like watermelon may have vitamin C but it is not enough. About one-fourth or one eighth cup of the pellets may be safe for your guinea pigs. You have to be cautious to select the appropriate kind of pellets, which have no seed.

Moreover, the meals of guinea pig have to comprise some fresh vegetables on every day. For example, you may give spinach, carrots, parsley, romaine lettuce, tomato, kale, pear, apple and many more.

Besides, grass hay may also be another addition to your pig’s diet as this will defend the digestive mechanism of the body and may also check its teeth to become too extensive. As the hay consists of lots of fibers, they may give the little cavy the required quantity of nutrients so that the animal becomes healthy. In addition to it, you may select from orchard grass, timothy grass and alfalfa.

Keep in mind that your pet’s water has to be changed and kept fresh daily. Keep away from mineral water as it may lead to digestive issues to the pet. While you like to alter something in the diet of the pet or need to bring in a new component, you have to ensure that it is good for the pet’s health and will not cause any health disorder.

It can be concluded that the guinea pigs may have no risk in eating bananas. However, they should be accepted as the rare treat due to the excessive sugar content. At the same time, different other vegetables and the foods that are mentioned above also need to be added to the pig’s diet.

Take pleasure in having guinea pig as the companion of in the everyday life and ensure that it also accepts your affection, love and notice. The pet should be treated as the member of your own family.

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