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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beetroot?

Guinea pig is always eating, whether it is grass hay, pellets or daily greens. Actually, high quality grass hay should always be available for your guinea pig, because grass hay provides fiber that is essential for proper digestion of the food.

Apart from grass hay, guinea pig enjoys occasional fruit and vegetable snacks. But, you are the only responsible for your guinea pig’s health and you have to be sure that your guinea pig is getting all the necessary nutrients. You should choose foods that are safe for guinea pigs. There are different types of herbs, fruits and vegetables that guinea pig can eat. There are also those that are toxic, like runner beans.

In this article we will talk about beetroot and its effects on the health of guinea pig. If your guinea pig has eaten some beetroot, don’t panic immediately. Read this text carefully and decide if you will feed your guinea pig this food. First we will tell you something more about beetroot.

More About Beetroot

Beetroot is a taproot of the beet plant and it is also known as beet, table beet, golden, red or garden beet and it is grown all around the world. Beetroot is especially grown in Europe and Central America. Beetroot has a dark purple skin and its purple flesh is rich in purple flavor. Purple roots are eaten raw, boiled or roasted and they can also be added to salads and different dishes.

Beetroot is a great source of folate, manganese and other nutrients and it has many health benefits for people. Now we will see whether beetroot is also good for your guinea pig or it can be harmful.

Is Beetroot Safe for Guinea Pigs?

If your guinea pig also loves beetroot, you may be wondering whether this food is safe for your guinea pig or not. But, we have good news for you. You can use beetroot as an occasional treat for your guinea pig. Beetroot contains small amounts of calcium and phosphorus and a bit of sugar and fat, but it doesn’t contain any oxalates. Your guinea pig can also eat cucumber.

Guinea pigs can eat beetroot but in moderation. You should feed your guinea pig beetroot once or twice a week. Beetroot can be a good snack for your guinea pig but it should not substitute its regular food. If your guinea pig eats a large amount of beetroot, it could have some digestive problems. If consumed in high amounts, beetroot can lead to vomiting, bloating or diarrhea, so be careful.


Now we have showed you that beetroot is good for your guinea pig, if consumed moderately. Once or two times a week is more than enough for your little pet, if you want to avoid any stomach upsets in your guinea pig.

One important thing is to know that only beetroot is safe for your guinea pig, not the stalks or the leaves. They can be toxic to your guinea pig, so you should use only beetroot to feed your little pet. And remember that this tasty snack can be used only occasionally.