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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?

Guinea pig is one of the fluffy and lovely animals, and there is perhaps no one, who does not love them. This pig looks like a little fur ball, which you always like to hug and pat. But, when any of the species of guinea pigs is in your household, you need to be much more cautious on the foods that you want to feed them as their regular diet. As the owner of the cavy, you should know that all the vegetables and fruits do not suit to their bodies, even when they’re as delicious as strawberries.

While you go to the market, you possibly cannot decide on what to buy for the guinea pig. Have you ever planned to include broccoli to the pig’s diet? Now, see what would happen if you incorporate this green vegetable.

Most of the people know that broccoli is such a kind of vegetable that is much recommendable by the nutritionists and the vets also. Possibly, there is no better option than to serve the cavy with some freshly cooked broccoli. And it really seems to be a delicious meal.

However, there is a doubt on whether this broccoli is the right food for your guinea pig. Is the broccoli completely safe for the little furry creature? You have to ensure that the food you give to the pig does not cause any internal damage to its body.

Most of the vets have the view that guinea pig may be allowed consuming the broccoli but only in few occasions and in the moderate level. For instance, only one time or two time per week is said to be enough for your cavy. But, keep in mind that broccoli in cooked form is never good for your cavy. Your guinea pigs will not be able to digest this cooked foodstuff.

When you have not fed this vegetable to the pet previously, you should know that you need to introduce the food properly. It means that you have to provide the cavy with just a small amount of broccoli. Then, start seeing how the animal shows its reaction. Many of the cavies are fond of broccoli, whereas others do not like to have its taste. The preference thus depends on the every individual cavy. Try only a little portion and find whether broccoli is preferable to your pet.

Broccoli and Its Nutritional Content

Now, it is clear to you that broccoli is safe for your guinea pig to some extent. Let us discuss about the huge benefits that this vegetable can offer to your pet. Broccoli is full of vitamin C and vitamin A. These two vitamins are always vital for the health of your little companion. Thus, broccoli is the best source to provide these vitamins.

In fact, the stalks and the heads of the vegetable consist of more amount of vitamin C in compared to the other portions of the body of broccoli. These parts are recommendable as the guinea pigs possess no such ability to produce the vitamin in the body. All the stated parts of broccoli have also high fiber content.

It is already stated that broccoli may be included as the component of your cavy’s diet only occasionally in reasonable quantities. Besides, this existing vitamin C of the broccoli will give power to the immune system as well as prevent the diseases, like scurvy. One small cup of broccoli (raw) that is chopped consists of a high percentage of this vitamin C. You can also see watermelons as food for guinea pigs.

In addition to it, broccoli also has some antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxification features. It also supports the digestive structure of the guinea pigs’ body. Besides, broccoli assists in the prevention of cancer prevention and gives cardiovascular strength.

The Right Way to Feed the Fresh Broccoli

If you do not feed raw broccoli in moderate amount, there would be some negative effects. For example, the digestive system of your pet may be hampered. High amount of broccoli consumption also causes the bloating, gas or diarrhea.

The use of only a small quantity is thus the most secure option for the cavy. In fact, the pigs can eat not only the stalk but also the leaves of broccoli. The leaves contain quite significant level of vitamin A. But, they must be fed carefully. The same thing may be said in case of heads and stems of broccoli. For instance, on one day, you may feed the pig some broccoli leaves, while on the other day you can give it the heads or the stems.

The recommended amount that you may choose for serving the pig is half part of floret along with the stem. Many guinea pig owners suggest that it is better to peel off the stalks or stems prior to feeding them to the pets. And obviously, moderation is major factor to be kept in mind.

Besides, ensure that the broccoli, which you have chosen for pets, is fresh. You should wash the vegetable thoroughly it is generally treated with chemicals or pesticides during the cultivation.

Overall, it may be said that the experts give positive answer to the question- Is broccoli harmless for guinea pigs? There is utterly no issue in providing this vegetable to the little cavy, only when the amount is restricted to the moderate level. Give a huge focus on the response of your pet to the broccoli, especially while you are adding it as new item. Do not force the pet to eat what it does not like.