Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage?

Cabbage is perhaps preferable vegetable only to few people. For this reason, you may have also the question in your mind- Do the cavies, as guinea pigs, like to eat cabbage? There is no particular answer of whether your pet likes, or does not like the vegetable. You need to find out if the cabbage has some kind of substances, which may put the pet’s health in danger. Now, in the following article, you can know whether cabbage is safe for your guinea pigs’ health.

Green cabbages are absolutely riskless for the small guinea pig but moderation is to be maintained while choosing the amount. The most excellent thing that you may do now is to cut the cabbage into some small pieces. After that, give it to pet to test its instant reaction.

A few signs may help you to make out if the cavy desires eating a cabbage. The guinea pig may sniff this food, at first, and then eat it completely and quickly or take this to a secured site.

Moreover, there are also the possibilities that your guinea pig only sniff the leaves of cabbage and leave it to the place. The fact, which you should remember, is that while giving the cabbage for the first time, you must not introduce it in huge amount.  The amount has to be extremely small. Find if the furry animal enjoys eating it.

Disadvantages that are Found with Cabbage Consumption

You know that most of the foods, when introduced to any pet’s diet plan for the first time, cause some problems. The same thing may also happen in case of cabbage. Thus, you have to recognize how the vegetable may affect the tiny body of the cavy.

The foremost thing that you should know regarding cabbage leaves is that the content of vitamin C in this vegetable is very high. It is good news, particularly because the cavies are not able to prepare the vitamin in their individual body. Thus, an external supplement is desirable all the time for your cavy.

You have already learned that providing cabbage to the cavy is harmless. However, there may be a number of aspects, which you should take into account. Huge quantity of cabbage leaves causes different kinds of stomach troubles. That is why moderate amount is major factor of cabbage consumption. Also see guinea pigs and blueberries.

When the guinea pig likes to taste the cabbage, it is likely to eat excessive amount of the vegetable. As a result, it may have bloating. Moreover, the urine of the guinea pig may also release some stronger odor. The pets will also suffer from more urination because the veggie consists of considerable quantity of the water. Fresh, green cabbage has ninety three percent of water.

Can the Pigs take the Core of Cabbage?

Does your guinea pig love to chew cabbage? Of course, you cannot know it unless you have given the pet a chance to have the first bit. The cavy may jump on the veggie and gobble it within few minutes. Try to know whether your cavy shows this kind of reaction.

The core of the cabbage is the topic that is to be discussed thoroughly for a number of reasons. As it possesses a woody feel and this is not disposable while gripping leaf of the veggie together, you may not find out whether the texture has the possibility to affect the stomach and teeth of the guinea pigs. Many people think that there would be no risk in feeding the cavy the core of cabbage. But, there are also few individuals, who never like to give this portion of cabbage to the pet. You have to decide on your own whether you want to offer this part to your pet.

Know About the Different Kind of Cabbage

Savoy cabbages are one of the types of cabbages, and these are best for the cavies. However, at this point also, you have to keep up the small amount as this is also one of the gassy foods. Some guinea pigs are not likely to prefer the flavor of this cabbage.

Moreover, spring cabbage may also be another safe option for the furry buddy. Here also, the rule is same, and it is the moderation. The huge amount is never advisable. Or else, you may trigger the risk of all the horrible symptoms in the cavies’ body.

Then, let us know about red cabbage. This is also not suitable for your guinea pig. Besides, it must be fed cautiously as it is also gassy item.

About the stonehead cabbage, there is no sufficient information. But, the guinea pigs will possibly have no problem in dealing with all the above categories of cabbages. We believe that they may take pleasure in the last kind of cabbage also.

However, cooked cabbage may not be good for the cavies; this is better to serve them with raw cabbage.

Thus, it is now evident that guinea pigs may safely have cabbage leaves. But, this cannot be called as the best veggie to offer to the pet. However, it is not worst option. You have to determine whether you like to give this veggie to the cavy. Moderation is, in fact, the only consideration. It is the major principle, which you must keep in mind while feeding the pets. Serving the pig with cabbage a number of times per week may be well. It does not lead to any digestive issue.

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