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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherries?

Guinea pigs are very popular pets for many people. They originally came from South America, but today you can find them in pet shops all over the world. Guinea pigs are friendly, active and playful animals.

They are very social, so consider taking care of a pair. A couple of females would be the best choice, since males can be competitive and tend to fight amongst themselves. Guinea pigs are vocal animals and they produce a wide range of different sounds in order to communicate with each other and their owners as well.

Guinea pigs are not so demanding and difficult to take care off, but they are not recommended for younger children. They are small and pretty delicate furry creatures, so a child could harm it unintentionally. They do not require complicated treatment and conditions, but you need to understand and fulfill their basic needs in order to have joyful, satisfied and healthy pet.

Treat your piglet with care and love and you’ll make very loyal and grateful little buddy. They love to cuddle and play, just be very gentle with them and build their confidence gradually. Once it gets used to you and your household, your cute little friend will always greet you with joy.

Proper diet for guinea pig

Good diet plan is the most important thing for your guinea pig’s health. The base of its nutrition is hay. It is extremely important for the good shape of their teeth. Since all rodents have constantly growing teeth, hay makes it stay in good shape. In addition to hay, give your guinea pig some fresh grass. Make sure it is free of chemicals and impurity of any kind.

When it comes to food, the most important nutrient for guinea pigs is vitamin C. Lack of this inevitable compound makes them sick and leads to scurvy. Make sure you provide your pet sufficient supplies of vitamin C. Fresh fruit and vegetable is the main source of it. Your furry friend might like mushrooms, but they won’t get much from it.

Make sure raw food is free of pesticides and other chemicals. As for dry food, there are commercial mixtures you can feed your guinea pig. However, seeds are not its natural food, so do not go overboard with it.

Sweet cherries as a treat

When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetable, guinea pigs are real gourmets. However, be cautious on some sorts of fruit and vegetable, because of its sugar content in the first place. Piglets love apples, melons, strawberries, bananas and various other fruits. Cherries are a delicacy on their menu as well.

Cherries contain a lot vitamin C, which makes them a perfect food for your pet. However, they also contain other not so beneficial elements. Cherries can make guinea pig feel sick and cause digestion problems if eaten too many.

They also contain a lot of sugar, which can be harmful to your pet’s health. Guinea pigs tend to diabetes and obesity and they can easily put on weight if they eat too sweet food.

All fruit contain sugar, so it should be considered as an occasional treat. Cherries are good because of their vitamin C content, but sugar level makes them a bit tricky. You can safely give it to your pet several times a week, in very small portions. Your piglet would certainly love its sweet and juicy taste!

Make sure you always rinse cherries thoroughly and remove their pits. You should do the same with all fruits. Cherries can be given sparingly, always pitted and sliced so they are easy to eat. Two to three times a week should be sufficient and beneficial.