Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dandelions?

If you want that your guinea pigs stay healthy and lively for a long time, you have to feed them correctly. Actually, guinea pigs should always have grass hay, pig pellets that are fortified with vitamin C and fresh and clean water. Apart from their regular diet, guinea pigs can also eat vegetables, fruits and herbs occasionally. You just have to be sure which foods are safe for your guinea pig. There are vegetables, fruits and herbs that can be poisonous for your guinea pig.

In this article we will discuss dandelions as parts of guinea pigs diet. Dandelions are not something that us humans eat often. But, what about guinea pigs? If you give your guinea pig dandelion you will notice that your guinea pig really enjoys it.

Actually, most guinea pigs love this herb. But, are dandelions safe for your guinea pig? Or we can find them on the list of foods that are toxic to guinea pigs? Read on this text and you will find out. Alternatively, you can also read about guinea pigs and carrots.

More about Dandelions

Dandelion is a herb that belongs to Taraxacum genus and it is commonly used in culinary purposes, but also in medicine. Dandelion is usually added to salads, soups or wine, but we can also make tea of dandelion. The roasted root of dandelion can be used as a coffee substitute.

Dandelion has many health benefits for people. It is often used as a laxative, blood or digestive tonic. Also, dandelion can relieve joint pain, bruises and muscle aches.

Are Dandelions Safe for Guinea Pigs?

The answer is yes. Dandelions are safe for guinea pigs, as long as they are eaten moderately. The same is also the case for broccoli when fed to guinea pigs. Most guinea pigs love dandelion leaves, but you have to be careful if you are feeding your guinea pig dandelions. You should not pick dandelions from a place that has been contaminated by pesticides because it can be very bad for your guinea pig.

Also, you should never overfeed your guinea pig with dandelions. If you give your guinea pig a large amount of dandelions, it could cause some side effects. High amounts of dandelions often lead to diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and other gastrointestinal problems. If you introduce dandelions for the first time in your guinea pig’s diet, you should do it slowly. As with any new food that you feed your guinea pig, it is best to start off feeding small pieces once or twice a week, in order to avoid stomach upset and other health issues.


We hope that this article was helpful. Now you can be sure that dandelions are safe for your guinea pig, but remember to feed them in moderation. Although most guinea pigs love dandelions, there are also some of them that are not interested in this herb. In that case, don’t feed your guinea pig dandelions.

It is better to find some other herb that your guinea pig will enjoy. Of course, all these herbs should be used only as occasional treats for your guinea pig.

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