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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

All our small furry buddies want our special attention, and a guinea pig is one of those furry animals. In fact, the maximum amount of focus is necessary, especially when you are feeding them, you should have some knowledge about the foods, suitable for them.

For preventing our health issues, we often choose to eat fruits. And that is why we also think that the fruits, like grapes are also helpful for the guinea pigs. But, there are some doubts about this idea. Also see kiwi and guinea pigs.

Grapes – Not for All Animals

Grape is such a fruit that all of us prefer. Similarly, most of the creatures also like the taste of the grapes. But, you can never offer grapes to all kinds of pet or to every animal as it may not be appropriate for their body. It is essential to know whether the grapes may be the favorable fruit for guinea pigs.

In case of our body, we can say that it is not good to eat several grapes at a time because they may not be always acceptable to digestion system. Thus, the same thing may be said for the different types of animals, including guinea pigs. You can also see our article on celery.

Benefits From Grapes

As guinea pigs can get vitamin C from the grapes, it decreases the risk of getting suffered from scurvy, which is caused due to the vitamin deficiency.

The main nutrients that are found in grapes are-

  • Dietary fiber
  • Sugars
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Vitamin B6 and C

Reasonable Number of Grapes for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs may consume grapes; however in reasonable amounts or only as occasional treats. You may attempt to provide them with a little grape piece to find whether they have benefit from it or if they leave the piece. When your guinea pig shows preference to the grapes, you may include grapes as the occasional treats. Do not give it the grape pieces in high amounts; this can harm its physical condition. Your little buddy can become ill. On the other hand, when the pig does not want to consume it, you should not force it.

The amount, which seems to be harmless for any cavy is two grapes daily. More pieces may be unsafe for your pets’ health.

Seedless Grapes Are Better

Make certain that all grapes, which you have given to the guinea pig, have no seed, thus, it will never get choked due to those seeds. And you may slash them in two pieces and remove all seeds. In this manner, it may be quite simple for the small animal to eat the bits.

Obviously, the grapes that contain no seed are absolutely fine to feed to a guinea pig. However, at the same time, you should comprehend that this fruit has high quantity of the sugar, and thus, it is significant for you to restrict the quantity that you choose for the pet in every instance.

From the standpoint of the nutritional value, these seedless grapes can be the best option for all guinea pigs as these fruits have high amount of vitamin C. While you observe the biological system of any guinea pigs, you may find that no source of vitamin C is present in their body. It means that their body cannot develop this vitamin. Thus, in order to lessen the possibilities of the vitamin deficiency, you have to give grapes to the guinea pigs.

Are the Grapes Preferred by Every Piggy?

There is no definite answer to this question because the preference may vary on the basis of the individual cavy. You have to try to find the answer of this question, depending on your specific pet.

There are various ranges of other vegetables and fruits that you may also offer to the guinea pigs, and thus, if you look for more diverse foods for the cavy, there are more chances of providing the higher nutritional value to your pet. It may allow you to supply all of the best possible nutrients to the cavy to make certain that your pet is not suffering from the lack of vitamin.

While you give grapes to the cavy on a daily, it may cause problems in liver, as the grapes contain high sugar content.

Moreover, water is extremely essential in the diet of guinea pig. It can keep the furry animal hydrated all the time. At the same time, the pet can also stay away from all the issues of health. The water should be unpolluted, with no mineral. It must be changed every day as it may become easily polluted and the guinea pig may need to suffer. Thus, you should always keep in mind to replace the water regularly and also two times every day during hot days in order to prevent all the pet health problems as well as dehydration.

As a safety measure, you should make certain that all the grapes are carefully washed because this can remove all the possible harmful chemicals that are generally applied for more production of grapes. Thus, you have to see that grapes, given to the cavies are utterly safe to be consumed.

About the Black Corinth Grape

These kinds of grapes may also be termed as the champagne grapes. These are possibly the smallest forms of grapes, and are available in the seedless condition. While they are dried up, you can call them as the zante currants. However, berries (currants) and these fruits must never be confused. Some research has proved that black corinth grapes are not quite bad for the guinea pigs.

Some Views Against Grape Consumption

It is also to be noted that though there are some common views that all guinea pigs may consume grapes safely, some studies show that they can lead to the failure in kidney. It is observed the grapes may cause the harm of kidney in case of the dogs. However, it is not yet clear whether this fruit can lead to the same outcome for the guinea pigs. But, the chance that the grapes may adversely impact the kidneys of the cavies has been put forward by a number of vets.

Lastly, you should remember that the foods are never the only essential matter in the life of your pet. Every pet, including the guinea pig wants a quiet and calm site, which will not cause any stress. Moreover, your appreciation and love can also be very significant. Find some time for playing with the pet, and express it your love. Your pet may warm all the gloomy days and bring smile to you.