Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kale?

Guinea pig is truly the most amiable pets that always want your love. However, these fluffy, small and well-mannered pets want your care while you are going to feed them.

Obviously, you also need to make certain that their cage is clean and dirt-free, but at the same time, you have the duty to keep your cavies healthy, well-fed and happy. When you think of the foods for your guinea pigs, you possibly feel confused while including some new item, which is not known to your piggy. Kale is one of those vegetables, regarding which some cavy owners have different opinions and questions.

When these pet owners asked their vets about their doubts, the experts have said that kale may be given to guinea pigs but occasionally and moderately. If kale is given in the right amount, it is the best possibly for all your cavies. It is a nutritious, healthy and fresh vegetable and there is definitely no reason of preventing your guinea pig from indulging in the consumption of kale. But, the common and most important rule should never be ignored; kale is to be given in moderate amount. You can also read about parsley and guinea pigs before proceeding.

Nutrients and vitamins in kale

The foremost nutrient that is present in considerable amount in kale is vitamin C; this vitamin is always essential for guinea pigs to thrive in a proper way. The cavies have no ability to produce vitamin C in their body. Usually, it is advisable to search for foods, which are also full of nutrients or vitamins. Or else, the food may seem to be a mere chewing substance. Thus, the food that is really required for your piggy should contain some dietary value.

An important thing to be kept in mind is that you must not comprise kale as the only food of your cavy. A guinea pig can never survive or grow on only a single kind of food, regardless of its nutritional value. Moreover, kale also has some level of phosphorus and calcium along with oxalate, and it signifies the fact that such veggie must not emerge on the food menu very often. Thus, kale should not be given to your cavy every day.

When you consume kale you are likely to cook these green veggies with salt and other spices. But, this cooked form of kale is never recommended for your piggy because guinea pigs’ digestion system is not able to digest any kind of cooked item. That is why raw kale may be the most excellent option for maintaining their health. Only make certain that you have rinsed your store-bought kale before giving it to guinea pig because there may be some dirt and pesticides on those veggies. Washing them off with water may help you to get your pet rid of all the risks.

Kale in raw or cooked form

Many people want to take vets’ suggestion while choosing the amount of kale for their guinea pigs. For their solutions, most of the veterinarians have recommended that every guinea pig may stay well if kale is offered for only one or two times on a week.

However, if you are giving kale to your guinea pig for the first time, then you should treat it with only the minimum amount. At first, you have to wait and see your piggy’s reaction to green kale; it may or may not like its tang. When it likes, you may better keep on adding this veggie to your pig’s diet on some occasion. But, never get tempted even if your little guinea pig requests you every day. While you give this food daily, you may please your pet but it will ultimately harm your pets’ health.

Hay and other foods for guinea pigs

No matter whether you want to offer kale to your guinea pig, you should include hay in their diet, especially, grass hay. As cavies are grazing creature, they need hay on a daily basis and in significant amount. Hay is, in fact, the best item, not just for crushing, but also for digestion. Besides, hay also assists to prevent the excessive growth of the pig’s teeth. There is, however, no restriction about the quantity of hay to be provided to your cavy because it is an important element of their general well being.

Besides providing hay, you may also look for some other vegetables or fruits, which are good for cavies. Obviously, guinea pigs are not allowed to consume all types of fruits and vegetables; however, many of them are excellent and healthy for the pets. Bananas, apples, cantaloupes and many more may be consumed occasionally, but not daily. On the other hand, vegetables like broccoli, carrots and celery may also be given to a pet in different quantities, on the basis of the particular vegetable.

In conclusion, it may be said that kale is such a food product, which offers lots of benefits not only to us but also our guinea pigs. Especially, extreme amount of vitamin C in kale, in fact, makes it the most excellent treat for your piggy. But, you always need to apply your care as the calcium content in kale is risky, while consumed daily.

However, kale may surely be chosen as the best snack for your little piggy, and if you think that you may always be able to choose the moderate amount, you may continue to give kale for your guinea pigs’ better health.

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