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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lettuce?

Your charming furry pet, i.e., guinea pig possibly likes to have more delights with some occasional delicious treats. In addition to regular hay and pellets that guinea pigs generally consume, there are also some fresh fruits and veggies that can be given to your cavy. If you add them as occasional snacks, your guinea pig will surely be grateful to you. Among these vegetables, you cannot overlook the fresh green lettuce leaves. But, you know that all veggies are not intended for you piggy, and so, you may need to determine whether lettuce can give any benefit to your pet.

Fresh vegetables are always likely to offer an outstanding amount of nutrients and vitamin in order to keep up the well-being of your piggy and general physical condition. Let us know how lettuce may affect your guinea pigs’ well-being.

Lettuce has a very little amount of acid, phosphorus and calcium; they are such substances, which must not be available in huge quantities in the daily foods of guinea pigs. Alternatively, lettuce also offers vitamin C that is obviously a good addition for the diet of your cavy. With this consideration in your mind, it is better to add fresh lettuce leaves to your pet’s food on a daily basis.

Lettuce leaves are available in different forms, and so, you have to recognize whether they give the same result to your guinea pig. You can also choose to know more about the benefits of mushrooms for guinea pigs.

Romaine Lettuce

It is one type of lettuce, which is found to be quite harmless for the health of your fuzzy guinea pig. Your piggy tends to chomp Romaine lettuce leaves much eagerly; besides, vitamin C present in it may also offer huge benefits to your little pet. However, though this lettuce does no harm, if you consume it daily, you should limit the amount, while it is given to your cavy.

Iceberg lettuce

The taste of iceberg lettuce is also favorable to most of the cavies but this lettuce is not much recommendable. Many of the vets have almost same opinion regarding the introduction of iceberg lettuce to your pigs’ diet. In fact, this variety of lettuce contains very little nutrients. The water content in this veggie is also high, and if it is consumed in extreme amount, then your pet may suffer from stomach issues as well as diarrhea.

Lettuce – an significant source to give vitamin C

Your cavy’s body has always a need for vitamin C, and this is a basic nutrient that your pet is required for preserving overall wellbeing or happiness. Guinea pigs are quite different from some other creatures as they are incapable of synthesizing vitamin C without any supplement. In this context, it is to be said that insufficiency of vitamin C may cause severe results on the health of your hairy pet.

For instance, vitamin C deficiency gradually leads to the deteriorating condition of the immune system of your cavy. It will also bring about higher sensitivity and susceptibility of the furry animal towards various diseases and infections.

In addition to it, the absence of enough vitamin C may also lead to disorder, known as scurvy. Such health condition may stop the production of collagen insider your pig’s body, and it is obviously a negative effect as collagen helps in forming tissue and bone. Moreover, this health condition may also cause serious skin and joint issues. Since the inadequacy of vitamin C is much common in the case of many cavies, you should be careful that your own guinea pigs get adequate vitamin C in their diet.

Though the pellets that you offer guinea pigs regularly contain much vitamin C, it is always advisable to go for some green treats, which meet all their needs for vitamin C. Only one cup of romaine lettuce (raw form) consists of almost 19 percent Vitamin C. This amount cannot be considered to be very high; however, still it is useful for the health of your pig.

Try to ensure the freshness of lettuce leaves

It is very significant to offer some clean lettuce leaves for furry buddy; for maintaining the freshness of the leaves it is better to store up lettuce in your refrigerator. Prior it serving these leaves to your cavy, you have to take them out from the chilly site and then leave them under normal temperature for about thirty minutes. Do not give cold lettuce leaves to a furry creature because these cold treats may cause a distressed stomach as well as diarrhea.

Moreover, remember that you must not offer any frozen veggie to your guinea pig. Besides, you also need to be careful on whether your lettuce has turn into its rotten state. Brown spots, which often appear on the leaves, show that the veggie has become spoiled, and obviously, the foods, which have lost its freshness, cause diarrhea.

Besides, before giving lettuce leaves to a pig, you have to rinse them with water, but never remove the extra water, which stays on lettuce leaves so that you may help your pet to hydrate itself at the same time. Chop lettuce leaves into small pieces, which should not be too small or large. Keep in mind that you should not give a large number of lettuce leaves, because your cavy may not consume them instantly. If your pet leaves the lettuce in cage, the leaves may be rotten. So, maintain the reasonable amount of veggies in order to sustain your pig’s health. Also see guinea pigs and watercress.