Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley?

If you are a guinea pig owner, you have to take care of the diet of your guinea pig. You have to provide a varied and balanced diet to your guinea pig if you want to keep him healthy and lively. As you probably know, a diet of every guinea pig should be based on fresh grass, high quality timothy hay and pellets that are a great source of vitamin C.

Also, guinea pigs should always have fresh clean water available. Apart from their regular diet, most guinea pigs love vegetables.

In this article we will deal with parsley and its impact on your guinea pig’s health. Can your guinea pig eat parsley? Is this vegetable good for your pet or it may be harmful? You will get the answers in this article, but first we will tell you something more about parsley as one of the most popular herbs worldwide that is used in many culinary dishes.

More about Parsley

Parsley is widely cultivated as a vegetable, spice and herb. This vegetable is native to the central Mediterranean region but today it is grown all around the world. It is used in European, American and Middle Eastern cuisines. You can prepare different dishes from parsley because its fresh and grassy flavor goes well with other ingredients. It can be used as a healthy snack but also as a vegetable in casseroles, soups or stews.

Parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C, but it also contains vitamins A and K. This vegetable is rich in minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. Parsley is low in calories so it can be helpful in weight loss. The amount of 100 grams contains only 36 calories, which is great for someone who wants to lose weight. There’s no doubt that parsley is very healthy for us humans, but what about guinea pigs? Can they also eat this healthy and nutritious vegetable?

Is Parsley Safe for Guinea Pigs?

If your guinea pig has already eaten some parsley, you don’t have to worry. Parsley is perfectly safe for your guinea pig. Not only parsley is safe, but it is also very healthy for guinea pigs. Like most other vegetables, parsley can be a great healthy snack for your guinea pig. It will provide a lot of nutrients and most guinea pigs really love this vegetable.

Guinea pig can also eat parsley stems because they are safe and guinea pigs enjoy them. But, have in mind that moderation is the most important. When it comes to Italian parsley, guinea pigs can eat this type of parsley but only once or twice a week.

How Much Parsley Should Guinea Pigs Consume?

Parsley, like all other vegetables, should be fed to guinea pigs only as an occasional treat. Parsley is safe for your guinea pig as long as your guinea pig eat this vegetable in moderation. Actually, parsley contains a hint of calcium, which is not good for guinea pigs.

Because of that, this vegetable shouldn’t be served to guinea pigs every day. It is enough to feed your guinea pig parsley twice or three times a week. This is more than enough if you want to provide your guinea pig long and healthy life. Large amounts of parsley can cause many problems in the gastrointestinal tract of your guinea pig.

It is recommended to start with small amounts of parsley. If there are no side effects you can feed your guinea pig a larger portion of parsley. But, if you notice any symptoms, such as loose stools or vomiting, you should stop feeding your guinea pig this vegetable. You can also read about guinea pigs and basil.


After reading this article you can safely feed your guinea pig parsley. Parsley is a healthy vegetable that will provide your guinea pig vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients. It is the same as fruits like pineapples for guinea pigs. But, you have to be careful.

Due to its calcium content, parsley should not be fed in large amounts to guinea pigs. It is best to use parsley as an occasional healthy treat for your guinea pig. Your guinea pig will certainly love it. Remember that large amounts of parsley can cause many digestive and other health problems to your guinea pig.

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