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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts?

Pet owners enjoy sharing food with their pets, but not all human foods are good for pets.

In this text we will talk about peanuts, as a favorite snack of many people. Peanut or groundnut is a crop that is widely grown all around the world. It is classified as an oil crop and a grain legume. Peanuts can be eaten raw, roasted, unsalted and salted. Peanuts are rich in nutrients and they have many health benefits for people.

But, can we feed our guinea pigs peanuts or it is not advisable? In this article you will learn more about peanuts and their impact on guinea pigs health. You can also read our article on guinea pigs and pumpkins instead.

Are Peanuts Safe for Guinea Pigs?

We might disappoint you, but you should never share peanuts with your guinea pig. Peanuts are on the list of guinea pig dangerous foods. Peanuts are not safe for guinea pigs because they are acidic and high in fat. If your guinea pig has taken one peanut it won’t probably hurt him, so don’t panic immediately. But, if you feed your guinea pig peanuts regularly, it is not good. Peanuts don’t contain vitamin C and other nutrients that guinea pigs need, so we can say that peanuts are practically useless for them. Due to their high fat content, peanuts can cause stomach upset in guinea pigs.

Possible side effects of peanut consumption are bloating, diarrhea and vomiting, so avoid feeding your guinea pigs peanuts. If you give your guinea pig peanuts in the long run, it can lead to obesity, digestive and heart problems. Not only peanuts are bad for your guinea pig, but also peanut butter and peanut butter crackers, so keep them away from your guinea pig.

Peanut butter is sticky and chewy, so it can be choking hazards for your cavy. All these peanut products are too fatty for guinea pigs and can cause many health issues in their gastrointestinal tract. The only part of peanut that your guinea pig can eat is peanut shell, because it can be soft and it doesn’t contain fat.

So, while you are eating peanuts, you can give your guinea pigs only peanut shells, nothing else. But, some experts consider that peanut shells are also dangerous for guinea pigs, because they can be choking hazards for your guinea pig. So, it is best to avoid peanuts at all.


As you can see above, peanuts are not good for guinea pigs, so you should avoid them. Peanuts are too fatty for a little tummy of your guinea pig, so they should not be included in guinea pigs diet.

Actually, you shouldn’t feed your guinea pig any kind of nut or nutshell, because these foods can be choking hazards and can cause many health issues in your guinea pig. It is better to feed your guinea pig fruits like bananas and vegetables that are approved and that are on the list of guinea pig safe foods. This way, your cavy will stay healthy, lively and happy.