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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries?

Many people like to eat the small red attractive fruit, that is, strawberry. In fact, this red fruit has wonderful taste. Strawberries are such fruits, which are enjoyed particularly during summer. These are truly a luxury, which people like to get along with a piece of chocolate, desert and champagne. That is why we believe that this kind of fruit may also be better option for our pet’s health. You have to recognize that our personal choice and the preference of our pet creatures may be utterly different. Thus, while you are thinking of offering strawberry to any pet, you must, at first, determine if it may be right for the animal or not. Many animals can eat strawberry very easily, while some other cannot do so. Therefore, prior to feeding any animal, we make out its individual choice.

Here is a discussion on whether the strawberries have any effect on the guinea pigs. These animals are becoming the popular breeds as pets in many households. It is not any surprising fact that there may be a different between our diets and that of any guinea pig.

Choose the Right Amount to Avoid Health Problems

As a kind of fruit, strawberry does not cause any kind of trouble to your guinea pigs. You perhaps know that this fruit has extremely sweet taste, and thus, the content sugar in strawberries may also be very high and thus, while you want to feed strawberries to the cavies, it can be essential for you to restrict the quantity as too much sugar can never be suitable for the wellbeing of any guinea pig. When you like to give them a large number of strawberries, your cavy can experience diabetes. The teeth may also get negative impact because of the sugar. Moreover, its weight may also increase, lead to the other health issues and for this reason, it is significant that you determine the right number of the strawberries for feeding the animals. Never excessively feed the animal with strawberries.

When one guinea pig desires strawberry, it does not indicate that another one also has the same liking as there are different feels in all guinea pigs. Thus, prior to considering the plan of feeding any cavy, you need to primarily test it by offering it only one strawberry to discover if it likes the fruit. The perfect amount of the strawberries that are to be given to the guinea pig should be a single piece on every week.

Know the Manner of Feeding Them

You should not simply place the fruit before the mouth of the guinea pig as this animal can eat the complete piece easily. Even when it attempts to gobble the entire fruit at the same time, it may experience choking risk. Thus, you need to slice each strawberry in fine bits or pieces. Then, give it to the cavy in order that it may be simple to chomp the fruit.

Acidic Feature of Strawberry

Strawberry has usually acidic nature. Thus, when you give higher quantities of strawberries to the cavies, it may easily affect the pet’s mouth and the lips. That is why you have to remember these definite factors, and after that, think of feeding the fruit to guinea pig.

Strawberries Offer Some Positive Effects

There are some considerable health benefits, which a guinea pig can get from strawberry because vitamin C is found in this fruit. In addition to it, a strawberry is full of potassium, fiber and manganese. The consumption of strawberries drastically leads to the development of the guinea pigs’ general health, enhancement of the immunity system and toughening of the small body to combat the detrimental free radicals. There are also lots of phytonutrients, available in any strawberry, and they have enough antioxidant substances. These substances improve the cardiovascular strength and control blood sugar. Moreover, the intake of ripe or matured strawberries may be useful to lessen inflammation and prevent various types of health disorders.

There is another advantage, provided by the strawberries. These fruits can help to bring the improvement of digestion structure of the body of a guinea pig. Your cavy can digest all kinds of food in a proper way.

While you are the owner of guinea pigs, it is necessary to realize that these pigs possess an extremely fragile digestion system. They are highly sensitive animals and thus it is essential for you to consider what are fed to them or what are not.

Strawberry Leaves and Stems – Are They Good for Guinea Pigs?

Just like the fruits of strawberries, the stems of strawberry are also riskless to the pet. You may also give guinea pigs these stems of strawberry as the stems are possibly preferred by any cavy. In fact, the guinea pig generally turns out to be very excited on seeing that you are giving them the stems to eat. However, in this case also, you have to test whether your cavy also likes to eat the stem. If it likes so, you should cut the stems before giving them to the pet.

On the other hand, the strawberry leaves may also be a good treat that can be offered to a cavy, because the leaves are such parts of the plant that help to facilitate in the appropriate digestion of the strawberry fruit. It is to be noted that every guinea pig likes to chew on the different fresh leaves, only to have fun. 2 to 3 leaves of any strawberry plant can be enough for the diet of guinea pig.

Preparation of Strawberry Treats, Intended for Cavy

Now you have perhaps realized that feeding any part of strawberry to the piggy may be excellent, only when you have provided it occasionally or in moderate level. Let us know how you should feed the strawberry-based to any cavy. You must remember that strawberry is perishable item, thus you must not store it in a fridge for a number of days prior to consuming them. Choose strawberries that are intensely red in color. They have to be consumed within maximum 1 or 2 days, just after buying them, particularly, when they are ripe.

Before offering a strawberry to the guinea pig, you can wash them carefully to remove the damaging pesticides from fruit. Moreover, it is already mentioned that you should never strive to increase the amount of strawberry to be given to your pet. Slash the berries into small pieces and then wait to find how the pet gets pleasure from them. If you do not want the animal to experience the digestive upset, you should not cross the recommended limit.

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