Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon?

When you have a guinea pig, often you make a decision of introducing some new foods to give more delight to your little pet. But, it is really hard to know whether those new kinds of foods are good for your pet. In fact, most of the pet owners think that it is better to give fruits to these creatures as they have lots of nutrients.

However, remember that all the available fruits that are nutritious for us may not be recommendable for your pets.

Watermelon is one of those fruits that guinea pig owners generally choose to offer their furry pets. There are different views on the issue- Can guinea pigs safely consume watermelon? Watermelon is obviously a very luscious fruit, which is found in many places, and most of the vets agree that this fruit may not do any harm to guinea pigs.

In the following article, you can find information on how watermelon can benefit your pet and how much amount of the fruit is to be given to your cavy. If you exceed the recommended amount while feeding your pig, there may be some health disorders in your pet’s body. You can also read our article on guinea pigs and beetroot.

Water content of the fruit

Watermelons are harmless for your guinea pig as it contains a huge amount of water. You may choose this fruit as the best treat mainly during summer days, when your cavy looks for lots of water. In other words, as watermelons contains lots of water, they are quite good option to maintain the hydration of your guinea pigs although large amounts may cause problems in tummy of the pets.

Among all other fresh foods that are generally given to guinea pigs, watermelon is such an item, which you may offer every day without being concerned about possible health problems due to the consumption of the fruit.

Vitamins present in watermelon

Another benefit that your pet can take from watermelon is vitamin C. As guinea pigs are not able to form this vitamin inside their body in a natural way, their diet should be balanced with some fruits, which consist of this vitamin.

Though it is clear that watermelon is not dangerous for your guinea pig, you must be careful about the limit to which the consumption of watermelon is good for your cavy. Excessive amount of this fruit may lead to different problems, like diarrhea, whereas a little amount may help your pig to gain a well-rounded and healthy diet. In fact, the sugar content in any watermelon is also extremely high, and that is one factor that causes diarrhea in guinea pig. Guinea pigs may eat one bit of watermelon (2 inches) occasionally every week; however, this amount must not be exceeded.

It is now evident that watermelon in the right amount is safe for all guinea pigs. But, there are some doubts regarding another issue of watermelon consumption. Pet owners cannot decide on the part of fruit, which is to be given to their guinea pig.

The common agreement among many owners of guinea pig shows that external green skin of watermelon must not be given to a guinea pig. The cavies are able to digest only the red portion of this fruit along with some part of its white rind. Besides, you should not forget to wash the outer part of the fruit and take out all the seeds prior to feeding it to a cavy. It is because the seeds may cause the choking risk to your pig.

Introducing watermelon to your cavy

Although watermelon is appetizing fruit to you and many pets, all the guinea pigs do not like to eat this fruit. Thus, your task is to determine whether you guinea pigs desire eating watermelon every day.  If your guinea pigs do not wish to eat watermelon, it possibly prefers some other fruits.

Just like the way you introduce other raw foods to your guinea pigs, watermelon has to be added in the same manner. You have to, at first, see whether it prefers its tang. Thus, the simplest way that you may try to know the preference of your guinea pig is by giving only a small bit to your pet.

Then, observe carefully to understand if it really gets pleasure from the taste. When the pet eats it with no problem, you may now add it to its diet. On the other hand, while it does not show interest in consuming the food, it is better to look for some other alternatives. Try this process when you are adding any kind of fresh food to your pig’s diet so that you may instantly immediately whether your cavy prefers the new food item, which you have chosen.

Thus, watermelon and similar other fruits may be eaten by your cavy without any risk. But, do not choose coffee, nuts, lilac, meat or jasmine for a guinea pig as these fruits make your pet sick and also cause death, at times. While you give watermelons to cavy, it is better to cut them in small parts. You know that watermelon is likely to be quite messy, while chomped by the little creatures. Thus, it is offer them small pieces so that the pig will not wet its fur, while staying in the cage.

In addition to it, you should be careful about the moderate amount of watermelon to be provided to your pig for avoiding all the digestive disorders. The same can be said for grass as food. So, remember these points and insert all the nutrients of watermelon to your guinea pigs’ body.

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