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Can Hamsters Drink Milk?

Hamsters are short tailed rodents, in their appearance and habits similar to house mousse. There are several species of hamsters and probably the most notable is Mesocricetus auratus or Golden hamster. Hamsters are one of the cutest and the most beloved pets all around the world.

The smallest species of hamsters weight only one hundred grams and are the size of just about 5.3 centimeters! Those furry little animals live solitary life except during mating time, but they are friendly and very dear.

Hamsters are sweet and small in bodies; they have adorable large and bright eyes and soft fur. Their fur can be different in color, depending on particular specie. Hamsters are active, playful nocturnal animals. They would sleep most of the day, so don’t interrupt them. Hamster will get used to you and your household very quickly and you’ll certainly make the cutest friend ever. Hamster does not require any special or complicated treatment, so it is a good choice for people who don’t have enough time for bigger pets.

Hamsters’ nutrition

Hamsters are generally easy to maintain and satisfy. Their diet is based on grains and the best option is to buy already made mix for hamsters, which you can find in any pet store. They prefer flax seed, beans and peas. You would think grass is also good for hamsters. The funny and interesting thing about hamsters is that they would store food in their cheek pockets. In the wild, this is the way of collecting food and transferring it to their hole and make supplies.

Grains mix is the base for your pet’s healthy diet. It should take up the most of the menu, which should be enriched with some other food and occasional treats. Fresh vegetable and fruit should be added once in a while (see if oranges are good for hamsters), as well as nuts, boiled eggs or small portions of cooked meat. What about dairy products?

Should you give your hamster milk?

Prevailing opinion on giving milk to hamsters is that it is good, but only in small amounts and not as frequent as the case should be with some other food. Milk works for hamsters the same way it does for us. It is good for their bones and development of skeleton, so it is particularly beneficial to young hamsters.

It can also be good for their teeth health and endurance. Since hamsters teeth are constantly growing, just as in other small rodents, milk will keep them strong.

Your hamster may not be interested in drinking milk and you need to know which product to choose and how to serve it. Milk is not necessary for your pet, but it can be beneficial in small amounts. It would most probably love whole milk, but you should avoid it, due to its large fat content. Skimmed milk should be fine if given plain.

Never feed your pet sweetened and chocolate milk or any other dairy product that contains sugar. Avoid flavored yogurt as well. Natural yogurt can also be good to treat stomach problems in hamsters, since it contains beneficial probiotic cultures.

So, you can safely feed your hamster plain dairy product once in a while, keeping to small portions.