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Can Hamsters Eat Blackberries?

Hamsters are very popular pets all around the globe, especially for people in apartments, smaller living space and those who work full time during the day.

Hamsters are also suitable pets for older children and they can make them learn about responsibility, caring for others and basic natural processes. Hamsters are very cute and friendly little rodents and they come in several species that are commonly taken as pets.

They are very easy to tame and to maintain. These furry little animals are not particularly demanding and they do not need any special conditions to be healthy and feel happy. If you provide your hamster a good, big enough cage with some devices to play, you’ll have a satisfied and healthy pet.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals so it is best you let it outside in the evening and spend some time playing with it. They sleep during the day so try not to disturb it. It will quickly get used to new environment if you just treat it with love and care. Never pick it from above, because hamster could feel attacked and be scared. Hamsters love to cuddle, but can also bite if irritated.

Feeding hamsters

Hamsters have that funny and adorable habit to store food in their cheek pockets! The base of their food are grains, which you can buy prepared especially for hamsters in pet stores or you could make it yourself. Grains should take almost one hundred percent of the menu.

They also love nuts and seeds, which are good for them and important for sharpening their teeth. Just be cautions about amounts. You can serve nuts to your hamster in very small portions. Two or three walnuts, hazelnuts or other a day would be sufficient.

Juicy blackberries for your hamster

When it comes to fruit, most of it is suitable for your pet, only in moderate amounts. All fruits contain sugar, which can be harmful for tiny hamsters’ body, if given in larger quantities. Some fruits are safer for your hamster than the others and the list includes blackberries as well.

Besides blackberries, recommended fruit for hamsters are strawberries, bananas, apple, melon, cranberries, mango, cantaloupes and cherries.

Blackberries should be given as an addition to your hamster’s basic food. Your pet would certainly enjoy its juicy flavor and sweetness. Blackberries are also good because they are not acidic like citrus fruits. Give a tablespoon of blackberries to your hamster several times a week and there would be no problem at all.