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Can Hamsters Eat Cherries?

If you wish to have playful and not so demanding pet, hamster could be an ideal choice for you and your family. It is sweet and adorable; it loves to play and cuddle and in the same time does not require special conditions and treatment.

Hamsters are high on the list of the most popular pets around the planet. They are good choice for people who work a lot, but still want have a pet and take a good care of it. Hamsters are easily adapted to new environment and easy to tame.

They are nocturnal animals, so your new little friend would sleep most of the day. Do not disturb its sleep, but let it outside the cage in the evening and spend some time playing with it. Hamsters are dear and lovely, but once they get irritated they could be aggressive and could even bite. Treat it gently and carefully and you will certainly make a good new little friend.

Feeding your hamster

Balanced and healthy nutrition is a half way to your pet’s full satisfaction. Feeding hamsters is not complicated at all; you just need to understand their basic needs.

Hamster needs a balanced mix of grains as a base of their diet plan. Those grains should contain the proper amount of fiber, proteins and fat. You can buy high quality hamster food in any pet store, but you can also mix it yourself. For example, unsalted sunflower seeds are good for hamsters.

Commercial or homemade mix should be enriched with several servings of some fresh food a week. Fresh vegetable and fruit is recommended to feed your hamster on every third day. It will prevent constipation and obesity in your pet. Just make sure you always rinse it thoroughly. The best option is to buy organically grown fruit and vegetable in order to reduce the risk of chemical poisoning.

Sweet and juicy cherries for hamsters

Commercial food is the easy part of your pet’s healthy nutrition plan. Fresh fruit should be added as an occasional treat and not in larger amounts. Fruit contains too much sugar for your little friend’s delicate belly, so do not feed it too frequently and keep to very small portions. There is a great variety of raw fruit your pet is allowed to eat. Cherries are one of them, along with raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries and other dark red fruit.

Cherries are on hamster-friendly fruits list and they are definitely recommended to feed your pet once in a while. Cherries are not too acidic for them and are not so high in sugar. They can also eat raisins unlike other animals.

Also, cherries do not contain too much water, which prevents diarrhea caused by too wet food. However, it’s the same with all fruits. Keep to very small amounts of cherries and always remove their pits. You should do the same with all fruits, because your pet could choke on them. One tablespoon of pitted, thoroughly rinsed and sliced cherries should be sufficient as a real delicacy for your friend. Fresh cherries are beneficial to its digestion and your pet will certainly enjoy their sweet taste.