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Can Hamsters Eat Crackers?

Hamster is tiny furry animal, which belongs to the family of rodents. It is one of the most popular pets around the world, along with cats and dogs. Hamsters are cute, clean and playful little animals that are not difficult to take care of. That is why they are ideal pets for every person who would like to have a pet, but don’t have space and time for more demanding animals.

On the other hand, hamster is not a good choice for very small children, because it could be easily and unintentionally hurt by squeezing.

Hamsters are active during the night so the evening is perfect time to let it out of the cage and play with it. Hamsters are easy to tame, but they can bite if they get irritated. Just handle it gently and do not pick it by your hands before it gets used to your home.

Hamsters are cute, eager and playful animals, but their lifespan is short. However, many experts believe that having hamster is a good opportunity for children to learn responsibility, to develop the sense of care for other beings and understand natural life processes.

Hamster’s food

Hamsters eat almost everything, since they are omnivores. Hamsters can even eat rice. However, base of hamsters’ diet consists of mixture of different cereals. You can purchase ready-made hamster food in pet store, but you can easy make it yourself. It should be the main ingredient on your pet’s menu. You should enrich its diet with variety of other food, especially fresh fruit and vegetable.

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You can also give it small portions of humans’ food, as long as it is healthy and given as treats. Avoid giving too much whole grain products or raw fruit and vegetable, because it could get it diarrhea.

Crackers as a treat

Hamsters are omnivores and they can enjoy most of the food we eat, just in small amounts and not so often. Some recommend you should feed them boiled eggs or small portions of cooked chicken once in a while. Broccoli are also nice for hamsters. You can give them different kind of treats, so crackers are approved as well.

As long as you keep its diet based on mixture of seeds and grains and give them several portions of fresh fruits and vegetables or other food per week, crackers should not be a problem.

Crackers could be a real delicacy for your hamster, since most of them enjoy such snacks. Just do not give them a lot of crackers. Consider it as a treat and try to use sugarless products, since these small rodents are very prone to diabetes and obesity.

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