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Can Hamsters Eat Grass?

Hamsters are dear and popular pets for many people. They are not demanding like some larger pets and do not need complicated and special conditions to feel good and be healthy.

Hamsters are easy to maintain and easy to please. They are active and playful, they love to stretch and cuddle, but can also be aggressive and bite if they are provoked. One of the essential things in taking care of hamsters is to provide them quite a lot physical activity. Otherwise, they tend to obesity and diabetes.

One of the most popular toys for hamsters is wheels for their terrarium mandatory. They would spend long time running hundreds of meters on their favorite playground.

Hamsters are very curious, they love to sniff and explore, so you should be carful when let your pet play outside the cage. Of course they should be let out, just pay attention on their moves. Those true masters of hide-and-seek could easily slip behind or below furniture and other interior elements and literally disappear. You can also let them play in the garden, but be cautious if they eat plants or grass and track their movement.

What do hamsters eat?

Hamsters love to eat different kind of food and they need variety of nutrients. They are omnivores and their favorite food are seeds and cereals. You can buy excellent hamster food mixtures in pet shops. It usually contains grains of sunflower, wheat and corn. You can also prepare it yourself, since it is really easy to make. More then grains, hamsters love to chew walnuts, hazelnuts and raisin. You can really spoil them with these treats and make it easy to tame.

Alongside grains, you should give hamsters fresh fruit and vegetable such as carrots, apples, lettuce and so on. You can even give them boiled eggs once in a while. Hamsters might even enjoy some cheese. Unlike many other rodents, hamsters are not exclusively herbivores and they can safely eat variety of food.

Can they eat grass?

When it comes to playing outside and eating grass, you should be careful. While some people regularly let them chew grass from their yards, others occasionally feed them fresh grass, purchased in pet store and prepared exclusively for pets. Grass from the garden could be contaminated by dangerous chemicals, such as pesticides or other material, harmful for your gentle pet.

Grass in larger amount can also irritate their delicate bellies and give them diarrhea, just as other wet food.

So, you can give it grass once in a while and regularly stick to dry food, with several servings of fresh fruit and vegetable. If you decide to feed it some grass, make sure it is completely free of pesticides and such. Hamsters also eat broccoli.