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Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi?

Hamster is playful, cuddly and curious little animal. If you want to have it as a pet, you could make a very dear furry friend. To take care of a hamster you don’t need large space or any special conditions. It can easily be adapted to every environment and it just needs a cage big enough with devices to play, such as popular hamster running wheel.

Hamster does not require attention all the time, since being a night creature. You should let it outside in the evening and spend some time playing with it. It will soon all the confidence and trust, so you can use it in your hands and caress.

Hamsters are very playful and they love to climb and hide in the most secret places in your home, so you need to have an eye on it when outside the cage. Your new friend will sleep most of the day and be active at night. Just get him a wheel and place the cage away from your bedroom.

How to feed a hamster?

When it comes to feeding, those little rodents do not require any special ingredient or complicated diet. The main ingredient on their menu are grains, a mixture of different seeds you can buy in every pet store or simply make it on your own. Granulated grains should take up almost one hundred percent of the menu. Hamsters can also eat peanuts.

However, since they are omnivores, you should enrich your pet’s diet with variety of other food. Look into grass and whether that may suit you.

Sweet kiwis for your hamster

Hamsters eat almost everything, but grains should cover most of their nutrition. When it comes to other food, fresh fruit and vegetable is warmly recommended. Just consider it as a treat and do not give it to your hamster too frequently. All the fruit contains sugar and hamsters’ small bodies can easily get overfed with it. They are prone to obesity and diabetes, so pay attention on amounts.

The same applies to kiwi fruit. Kiwi is a great treat for your hamster and it would certainly love it.

However, kiwi is high in sugar, citric compounds and water, so just keep to very small portions, maybe one or two times a week. Extremely wet food, such as kiwi, can cause it diarrhea. High citric content could also irritate its delicate tummy, especially in larger amounts than recommended. Kiwi is very sweet and contains a lot of sugar, which can lead to diabetes, if you feed it too often.

A nice piece of kiwi would not harm your little friend if you consider it a treat and give it to your hamster as a delicious reward once in a while.