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Can Hamsters Eat Rice?

Hamsters are little rodents, originating from Southeast Europe and Middle East. They are easy to maintain and very flexible (hamsters can swim!), so they are often kept as pets. Hamsters are ideal pets for the whole family, except very small children. They are dear, cuddly and very playful.

Hamsters do not require complicated care and conditions and they easily get used to new living space. If you don’t have time for more demanding animals, such as dogs or cats and still want to have pet, hamster is an ideal choice.

This tiny cute animal is nocturnal being, so it will seep most of the day. Hamsters are active at night, so evening would be a perfect time to spend it with your pet and play. It will quickly gain confidence and get used to you. Just have an eye on it when you let it outside the cage.

Hamsters are very curios and they love to climb and hide everywhere around the house.

Hamsters’ nutrition

Feeding hamsters is simple. The basic of their diet are grains, which you can buy in pet store or mix it yourself. They should always have fresh and clean water and a piece of wood to sharpen their teeth.

Besides grains, you should give it small amounts of various other viands. Fresh fruit like watermelon for hamsters and vegetables several times a week could be a great treat. They could eat most of it; just pay attention on amounts, because of water and sugar content.

Can they eat rice?

Many would suggest you don’t give your pet remains of human food, food that contains sugar, chocolate or other sweets.

Actually, you can do it, but only once in a while, in order to prevent it from obesity and diabetes. What about cereals that are not on their regular menu? Can they have rice?

When it comes to rice, it has green light in both raw and cooked form. However, you need to take some precaution. Any sort of rice should be given only as a treat, just a couple of grains at a time. Rice lacks nutritional value that hamsters need, which is why it is not one of the staple viands for hamsters. It should be addition to its diet, not a major ingredient.

You can safely feed your hamster raw or cooked rice, once in a while. Raw rice is better option, because it could be stored in your pets’ cheek pockets. Cooked rice could be a good treat, just make sure it is not too moist or overcooked.

Otherwise, it could get stuck in hamster’s cheeks and rot, which is certainly not good for your pet’s health.