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Can Hamsters Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Being so cute and lively, hamsters are dear and beloved tiny pets in many homes. Ever wondered if they have tails? They are adorable and playful and they do not need any special treatment. Hamsters are ideal pets for smaller living spaces and for people who work a lot and don’t have time for more demanding pets, such as dogs and cats.

Hamsters are good for older children. Many psychology experts would say having hamster is a great opportunity for them to learn about responsibility, caring for others and natural life processes.

Hamsters sleep during the day and they are awake and playful at night. You can play with your little friend in the evening and let it out of the cage. Hamsters are curious and easily tamed. Just be gentle with them, since they are small and very delicate little creatures. Once it gets used to you and your living area you can use it in your hands. If you provide it healthy diet and good condition, you will make a great new furry friend.

Food for hamsters

Hamsters can eat almost everything and they don’t require any special ingredients to be satisfied and healthy. The base of hamsters’ diet are grains and plant food. You can buy prepared mixtures in pet store or you could make it yourself. Hamsters are omnivores and thus you should enrich their diet with variety of other food, as long as cereals stay as staple food. You can feed it many sorts of fresh fruit like watermelon and vegetable and even some food you normally eat.

Other food should be considered as a treat, not a regular ingredient. Some chicken meat or boiled egg could be really great choice to enrich its nutrition with valuable elements.

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Unsalted sunflower seeds as an occasional treat

Hamsters love seeds of many types. Sunflower seeds are certainly delicious to them. You can feed it sunflower seeds, but be careful. People commonly purchase them as snacks in different forms. They are usually fried and salted, which is not particularly healthy neither for us nor our small sized pets. The greatest difference is that hamsters are so tiny that even small amounts could do them harm.

The salt will make them very thirsty and seeds themselves are high in fats. Hamsters are also prone to obesity and they can very easily get diabetes.

So, the best advice is to completely avoid salted sunflower seeds.

On the other hand, you could give your pet extremely small portions of plain, deshelled sunflower seeds. Your hamster would love it! Those seeds are fatty, so just stick to very small amounts and consider it only as a treat.

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