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Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot Leaves?

Rabbits enjoy vegetables and fruits as occasional treats in their balanced diet. But, the most important elements of a rabbit’s diet are fresh hay that can be eaten in unlimited amounts, fresh water and grass. When you are introducing a new food in your rabbit’s diet, you should do it slowly, because rabbit’s digestive system is pretty sensitive and it may not be able to tolerate certain foods.

Because of that, we recommend you to give your rabbit only a small amount of certain food and to wait for 24 hours, to see if there are any side effects. If your bunny is okay even after 24 hours, it means that his digestive system is able to tolerate certain food and you can keep giving this food to your rabbit occasionally.

In this article you will learn something more about beetroot leaves and their impact to rabbit’s health. If you are also a rabbit owner you may be wondering are beetroot leaves safe for your rabbit or they can be harmful. There are more to cover like rabbits and cabbages, which you can check next after answering your inquiry on beetroot leaves.

More about Beetroot Leaves

The beet plant is also known as garden beet, table beet, golden beet or red beet. The beetroot is a taproot portion of this plant that is grown for its edible taproots and their leaves, called beetroot leaves or beet greens. Beetroot leaves are used in culinary purposes, but also in medicine.

Beetroot leaves are full of vitamins and minerals, so they have many health benefits for people. But, are they also good for rabbits? Read on and you will find out.

Are Beetroot Leaves Safe for Rabbits?

If your bunny has already eaten a few pieces of beetroot leaves, don’t panic. There’s no need to be worried because beetroot leaves are on the list of foods that are safe for rabbits.

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Actually, they are safe if consumed moderately. It means that beetroot leaves should be given to your bunny as occasional treats. These leaves should not be a regular part of a rabbit’s diet. You should be careful with leafy tops because they contain high levels of oxalic acid that can be harmful for your rabbit.

How Many Beetroot Leaves Can Be Given to Rabbits?

As we have already said, beetroot leaves are okay for rabbits if they are served only as occasional treats. If you feed your rabbit beetroot leaves in large amounts and every day, your rabbit may suffer from many health problems. Large amounts of beetroot leaves can lead to bloating, gas, diarrhea, vomiting and other problems in the gastrointestinal tract of your rabbit.

Also, your rabbit can start refusing his normal food and in this case he won’t get all the nutrients that he needs. Without these nutrients, your rabbit may become weak and sick and he may have serious health problems. To avoid these side effects, it is best to feed your rabbit beetroot leaves only occasionally and in small amounts. Give beetroot leaves to your rabbit once or twice a week. This is enough for your bunny and it will keep him healthy, which is the most important. Never give your rabbits peanuts, though.


You have seen in this article that rabbits can eat beetroot leaves but in small amounts and occasionally. If you want to keep your rabbit healthy, don’t overfeed him beetroot leaves. Beetroot leaves can be a healthy snack for your rabbit.

Beetroot leaves will diversify the diet of your rabbit and they will make your rabbit happy and lively. You should have in mind that moderation is always the key of good health and that you are the only responsible for your pet’s health.

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