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Can Rabbits Eat Bread?

As pet owners we have to take care of our pets’ diet and it is not that easy. Many foods that we eat are not good for our pets, because their digestive systems are not able to tolerate certain foods, which can lead to many health problems with our pets. To avoid that, it is best to be well informed about certain foods before giving them to your pet. You have to be sure that certain food is safe for your rabbit and that it will not cause any side effects. Owning a rabbit can be very funny, but taking care of a rabbit’s diet is not easy.

When it comes to a rabbit’s diet, it is important to know that essential parts of his diet are high quality timothy hay, quality rabbit pellets and fresh and clean water. But, rabbits also enjoy some other foods, such as vegetables, fruits and other plants. Fresh vegetables (see our article on rabbits and parsley) and fruits can make a diet of your rabbit more interesting, but they should be fed in moderation.

In this article we will deal with bread which is a necessary household food. Bread is a regular part of a human diet, but can we also share bread with our rabbits? Is bread safe for our little pets or it can be harmful? In this article you will find the answers to this and similar questions. First we will tell you some basic things about bread as one of the most important elements of our diet.

More about Bread

Bread is a household food that is prepared from a dough of flour and water. This staple food is usually prepared by baking and it is one of the oldest artificial foods. There are many types of bread.

Bread is high in carbohydrates and starch, so we should not consume large amounts of bread. If you eat too much bread it can lead to obesity and many health problems. Not only people, but rabbits also enjoy bread as a treat, but is this food really safe for rabbits? Read on and you will find out soon.

Is Bread Safe for Rabbits?

The answer to this question could be yes, but it doesn’t mean that you should feed your rabbit bread immediately. There are some things that you should know about bread and its impact on a rabbit’s health.

Actually, rabbits can eat bread, but they should not eat this household food. Although rabbits would not find a piece of bread in the wild and it is not a natural part of their diet, bread is safe for rabbits. Bread is on the list of foods that rabbits can eat as a treat. But, the fact is that bread is practically useless in a rabbit’s diet.

Rabbits may like bread, but it won’t provide them with necessary nutrients. Bread is high in fiber, which can be good for rabbits, but on the other side, bread is also high in carbohydrates and starch, which can make your rabbit ill.

How Much Bread Should be Given to Rabbits?

We can say that it is acceptable to feed your rabbit bread every once in a while as an occasional treat, but the portions of bread have to be small. If you decide to feed your rabbit bread, you should avoid white bread, because it is very starchy and it is loaded with complex carbohydrates. Your bread will have problems with digesting bread, because of its high content of complex carbohydrates and starch.

If you feed your rabbit bread it can lead to intestinal upsets, bloating, diarrhea and runny stool. A small amount of bread probably won’t do any harm to your rabbit, but if consumed in large amounts, bread can cause many health problems. Also, if you feed your rabbit bread every day it can make him obese and inactive and this will completely destroy your rabbit’s health.


As you should know by now, the diet of rabbits should be based on high quality pellets and timothy hay, as well as on fresh and clean water. All other foods should be served to rabbits in moderation. Bread is not recommended to be a part of your rabbit’s diet because it is high in starch and carbohydrates which can cause many health problems to your rabbit.

The most common problems are problems in the gastrointestinal tract of the rabbits, but also obesity. Because of that we recommend you to find some other food to serve to your rabbit as an occasional treat. But, if you decide to feed your rabbit bread you should limit it to a very small amount and use bread only as an occasional treat. Although bread is not useful and healthy for rabbits, it won’t kill them and it is not one of the toxic rabbit foods, so don’t panic immediately if your rabbit has eaten a piece of bread. Nothing bad will happen but now that you know all possible side effects that bread can cause to your rabbit, avoid feeding your bunny this food. Remember that you are the only responsible for your rabbit’s health and that you should take care of your rabbit’s diet.

Also, have in mind that moderation is always the key of a good health. We hope this article was interesting and useful for you and that you will provide your bunny long, healthy and happy life. You can gain more information on rabbits’ diets; learn all about your pets and fennel next.