Can Rabbits Eat Capsicum?

Proper feeding is the most important factor if you want to maintain your rabbit healthy and lively. It is known that rabbits eat grass in the wild and their digestive systems are adapted to this diet.

You should provide your rabbit with a constant supply of fresh grass that should make about 80% of rabbit’s diet. But, you should also feed your rabbit fresh vegetables and leafy greens. Broccoli, celery, spinach leaves, cabbage and herbs such as parsley, basil, coriander and dandelion are also good for your rabbit. But, in this article we will discuss capsicum and its effects on rabbit’s health.

Is capsicum safe for rabbits or it can be harmful to them? Read on and find out, but first we will tell you something more about capsicum.

More about Capsicum

Capsicum is a tropical American pepper plant and it is a member of the nightshade family. This flowering plant is widely cultivated for its pepper fruits. The fruits of capsicum contain seeds that are edible and very healthy. Capsicum usually refers specifically to bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers which can be red, yellow or green.

Capsicum is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients and it has many health benefits for people. But, what about rabbits?

Is Capsicum Safe for Rabbits?

Generally rabbits don’t eat any spicy foods, so spicy peppers are not the best choice for your pet. It is not recommended to give your rabbit spicy peppers because they can make him sick. Also, you should feed your rabbit dried spices or herbs, even if they are not spicy. Remember that only fresh plants are good for your rabbit.

Also, you should not give your rabbit bell peppers because they can cause gas and many health problems. In some cases, gas can lead to death. But, not all rabbits are equally sensitive to gas. There are rabbits that can use bell pepper as an occasional treat, but not as a regular part of their diet. A bite or two during the day are more than enough for your rabbit. Capsicum should not make more than 15% of a rabbit’s diet. Rabbits that are sensitive or allergic to bell pepper should not consume it at all. Otherwise, they can start vomiting or have diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.


As you have seen, capsicum can be used only as a treat in your rabbit’s diet. It is not recommended to feed your rabbit capsicum every day. It is enough to give your rabbit capsicum once in a while. Remember that some rabbits are sensitive to this food and they could have many health issues if you feed them capsicum.

So, it is recommended to give your rabbit only a bite of capsicum to see his reaction first. If there are no side effects then you should use capsicum as an occasional treat for your rabbit. If your rabbit has some digestive problems after consuming capsicum, don’t give it to him anymore.

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