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Can Rabbits Eat Carrots?

Rabbits are very common as pets, but there are lot of misunderstandings and myths about their nature. They are lovely, cuddly and curious beings, despite common belief they are scared all the time. Rabbits are loyal animals and they enjoy company of other living beings, including their owners. Wild rabbits live in large groups, so they are naturally used to other creatures. Rabbits are gentle and delicate beings. They are worshiped all throughout human history and loved from ancient times.

Rabbits were one of the most favorite animals in ancient Greece and Rome. They were often considered a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and happiness. They also symbolize love and abundance. This adorable rodent is still extremely popular among humans and commonly taken as a pet. If you consider taking one of those cute fur balls to your home, please be aware it demands a lot of time, dedication and patience.

Despite common beliefs rabbits are not demanding, they need the same care as bigger animals, such as cats and dogs. A rabbit needs a cage big enough, a lot of activity and play, proper medical care and nutrition. Never neglect it or leave it alone for long periods of time. Your bunny needs your company, so do not buy a rabbit if you are not ready to commit yourself to this new friendship and make your pet happy and satisfied.

Rabbits coming from pet stores are not happier outdoors, as many believe. Their organisms are very sensitive and they can easily get ill from bad weather conditions, fly or mosquito bites and other. Being extremely sociable animals, they also don’t like to be left alone. They need constant interaction with their owners. If you are able to take two or more rabbits, that would be ideal for their happy life. In addition, rabbits live from five to even fifteen years. They are not short and temporary fun for humans; they are good and long-term friends and pets.

Rabbits’ menu

There are numerous misunderstandings around question of proper diet for rabbits. Many believe they eat a lot of root vegetable, such as carrots, parsnips etc. However, it’s just a myth. Rabbits need some vegetables, but the most important ingredient in their diet is hay. Hay contains fiber, which is essential for their bowel movement and good digestion. It should be available in indefinite supplies, always given fresh. Therefore you should serve it in several portions during they day.

When it comes to other food, rabbits should eat some vegetables. They need it in very small amounts. Most of vegetables contain too much carbohydrate for rabbits; they can be full of starch and sugar. That is why you should never overdo them. A couple of bites are sufficient. Friendly vegetables for rabbits are green leafy vegetables. They enjoy lettuce, kale, broccoli leaves and leaves of other vegetables. Be careful with spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and similar vegetables. In excessive amounts they lead to bloating and stomach ache.

Fruits should also be on the menu, but only as an occasional treat. All fruits contain a lot of sugar and they are acidic. This means your bunny could eat it, but if you overfeed it, it would get it diarrhea and other problems. Too much fruit will most likely make your bunny sick.

Carrots are just a cartoon myth

Carrots are actually bad for rabbits. We are all used to depictions of sweet bunnies eating and nibbling attractive, tasteful carrots. Those depictions are so common in popular culture that many owners make mistakes and feed their rabbits excessive and harmful amounts of this vegetable. Charming and funny Bugs Bunny who chews carrots all the time should take up the major quilt for those mistakes. He wears title of the most popular depiction of rabbits in modern society.

However, experts say carrots are not so good for rabbits. They do not eat root vegetables in nature, not in large amounts. Wild rabbits eat higher carbohydrate food only in particular times of year, when they need additional energy. So, Bugs Bunny was wrong! At the end, he is just a cartoon.

Carrots and other food we commonly see in popular images of rabbits contain a lot of sugar. Rabbit’s intestines are very sensitive and not designed for digesting it. They need hay and grass, which make perfect surrounding for good bacteria in their bellies and help them keep their digestive tract working properly. Small amount of vegetables are also good for digestion, but you should be very cautious. Choose vegetables that do not cause bloating and keep to small servings. You should always choose green and leafy vegetable over roots and other. Meanwhile, turtles might enjoy carrots.

Carrots can be given to rabbits, but only as an occasional treat. Your bunny will most likely love it! It is also good for nibbling. Consider carrots a delicacy for your long-eared buddy. Treat it with a couple of bites of raw carrots once in a while.