Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber?

The rabbits are one of the most charming animals that we all like to hold and cuddle. But, these small bodied animals may have some particular eating habits, which keep them healthy. And as their owner, you must try to know it, lest you mistake chocolate as a good food for your pet. One of the fruits that many people like to offer rabbits is cucumber.

The rabbits may consume cucumbers without any hesitation because they like to eat veggies and fruits. However, it is essential for you to focus mainly on preferences or dislikes of the pet in order to ensure that your affable pet has obtained balanced diet. Besides, you must also confirm that the little animals have received a sufficient amount of food when you aren’t at your home.

If you want to know about the effect of cucumber on rabbits, you must recognize that this may be the best source of getting liquid for the body. Thus, cucumber assists your pig to stay hydrated.

How Much Cucumber is Essential for Rabbits?

Your rabbit needs nutritious food that can supply proper level of energy. However, you should take care that you are not offering any excessive amount, which is harmful for the pets. Prior to serving the pieces of cucumbers to the guinea pigs, you need to slice the food into a number of tiny pieces in order that the rabbits may be able to chew them very easily. Just few portions of cucumber are adequate since cucumbers are likely to contain much quantity of the liquid.

While you do not slash the cucumber into extremely small bits, the pet may not be capable of gnawing them well. It not only leads to the digestion problems but also causes choking hazard. The small creatures are also highly prone to suffer from viruses, and extreme consumption of cucumbers may result in diarrhea.

Why you Must Avoid Huge Consumption of Cucumbers?

Rabbit is herbivorous animal, which is used to eat hay.  The digestive system of this animal is made to accommodate good bacteria, which may do fermentation of hay and generate lots of nutrients, necessary to the rabbit. Some issues come up while you feed the bunnies something, which is fermented easily as it enables harmful bacteria to beat the beneficial ones.  Then, the risky bacteria generate huge amount of gas that makes the bunny feel pain. There may also be the loss of appetite. It often causes dehydration and diarrhea.

Moreover, cucumber is not much nutritionally enriched item for your rabbits. This fruit does not have many nutrients, which they want to live a healthy life.

Baby rabbits require such kind of diet, which has very extreme amount of fiber and fat (such as, milk of the mother). Most of the pellets contain a very high quantity of grain; they do not have sufficient fat and fiber.  But, it is very significant to give pellets as these may offer the specific minerals and vitamins, which the rabbits need in order to be strong.

However, if you buy the food of baby rabbits of different brands, you may find the differences in the amount of starch, fiber and fat.

Some More Facts Regarding the Fruit

Cucumbers are such fruits, which are desirable during the hot season. These fruits are loved not only by the creatures but also by us, and that is why we like to incorporate it to our refreshing salads. Definitely, the rabbits may also want to eat this fruit.

First of all, the cucumber skin is full of phytonutrients; it is an excellent source to provide vitamin B1, A, B6, D and C. In addition to it, from cucumber, the rabbit may also get potassium, calcium and magnesium. Another advantage, which cucumbers provide, is that this fruit comprises silica, and this element assists in gaining sturdy joints of the body with the toughening of connective tissues. If you like, you can serve cucumbers along with some celery, which may assist in making a blend. It helps to give relief from any kind of joint ache. Moreover, it helps in mobility of the little animal.

The existence of potassium in cucumber also makes the fruit beneficial to your pet’s heart. There is also phytochemical, which possesses the capability of destroying any type of bacteria, present in the mouth of the pet. Some other advantages, which may be received from the fruit, comprise the capability of regulating the level of blood pressure as well as excellent heart function.

However, though cucumber has several benefits stated above, you should not give this fruit to rabbit in massive amount. This needs to be presented under control because an excessive number of cucumbers may cause problem in stomach or also loose stools. Only few slices of cucumber may be enough for rabbits in one day.

Other Veggies that you may Give to the Pet

There is a significant amount of vegetables and fruits, which may be presented to the rabbit, if cucumber is not suitable for the pet. Though, this is a rare case, when the rabbit becomes affected with cucumbers. But, if it does not suit their body, you get a variety of other alternatives for feeding the animal.

The rabbits desire eating apples, carrots, strawberries (see our article on rabbits eating strawberries), and many other different veggies. The rabbit owners, thus, can get a variety of options while they want to feed the pets. Moreover, you may also offer seeds to the pets since it helps to remain healthy and offers the adequate energy.

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