Can Rabbits Eat Grass?

Owning a rabbit can be very interesting, but you need to take care of feeding your rabbit. If you want to provide your rabbit long and healthy life you have to feed him properly. A rabbit’s diet should be rich in fiber and other necessary nutrients. Your rabbit should have fresh water and fresh hay available the whole day.

Also, vegetables and herbs are important parts of a rabbit’s diet. See our separate article on whether rabbits can eat asparagus.

In this article we will talk about grass. Is grass good for your rabbit or it is not on the list of safe plants? You will find out more about grass and its impact on a rabbit’s health.

More about Grass

Grass is actually a type of plant and it is commonly used to cover the ground. Grass is herbaceous plant with narrow leaves that is growing from the base. Grasses or graminoids include the true grasses, as well as the sedges and the rushes.

Grasses are generally short, but some of them can grow tall, for example a bamboo. Grass is a very important food for many animals because it is rich in nutrients. But, is grass also good for rabbits? Continue reading and you will get the answer.

Is Grass Safe for Rabbits?

The answer is yes. Actually, grass is the most natural food that rabbits can eat and it is not expensive if you are buying it in a pet store. Also, grass is healthy and it has many benefits for rabbits. It is high in fiber and a rabbit’s digestive system can easily process this food. But, the truth is that rabbits don’t eat grass very often, because rabbit owners are usually worried that fresh foods can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in their pets. But, it is not true. Your rabbit may get diarrhea only if you feed him large amounts of grass or any other food. You should know that new foods must be introduced slowly in a rabbit’s diet. Start by feeding a small amount of grass and then increase the amount gradually over ten days or more. You should watch carefully if there are any side effects.

If you pick a grass for your rabbit, it is recommended to use scissors or to pull the grass up. You should not feed rabbits lawnmower clippings, because such grass can start fermenting under the influence of heat or crushing actions. Such grass may also cause digestive problems in your bunny. If you don’t have a lown, it is not a problem. You can easily grow grass in trays or in window boxes.

Also, you can buy timothy grass seed or seed mixes that contain other plants such as dandelion or clover. This way you will diversify your rabbit’s diet and make it healthier.


As you have seen, rabbits can eat grass as much as they want. Fresh grass and high quality timothy hay are the best things for rabbits to eat. But, you have to be sure that the grass has not been sprayed with chemicals.

Also, avoid feeding your rabbit a grass that is cut from a lawnmower. Have in mind that you are the only responsible for your rabbit’s health. You have to be well informed about the food that you are giving to your rabbit for the first time and you have to watch the reactions of your rabbit carefully.

Grass is a plant that rabbits will digest easily, but if you notice that your rabbit has a stomach pain or gas, you have to reduce the amount of grass that you are giving to your rabbit.

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