Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce?

Choosing a nutritious and balanced diet for a small bunny is important as it can help them to have a happy, healthy and long life. The bunnies and rabbits take pleasure in an extensive variety of foods; however, their common diet mainly comprises of fresh vegetables and hay. But, when you are trying to select the vegetables for rabbits, you possibly feel little confused. Generally, carrot is chosen for many rabbits. However, have you thought of lettuce?

Lettuce is one of those vegetables that may be preferable to most of the rabbits. In fact, they love to masticate the item. As an owner of a small cute rabbit, you tend to give the furry friend whatever it requests from you. But, never pamper that animal in this way because it may impact its health.

Which Lettuce is Suitable for Rabbits?

You know that lettuce is available not in a single category. There are a range of types of lettuce. But, remember that most of these types may not be much good for your rabbits’ physical condition. You should make attempt to make out the varieties that are safe for the rabbits.

Most of the experts think that iceberg lettuce, one of the known types of lettuce, is not intended for the rabbits. In contrast to some other kinds of lettuce, this has quite lower amount of the nutrients. It means that your rabbit cannot get enough nutritional value if it eats only iceberg lettuce. In addition to it, there is high amount of water, contained in this lettuce, and this may lead to diarrhea.  And obviously, diarrhea can also be the cause of death of your rabbit. Thus, it is best to keep your little bunny away from the lettuce.

You know that green leaf lettuce plants can be cultivated very easily. Very often, this is used in making our salads. But, it is also applied in some other types of food, such as, soups, sandwiches or wraps. This may be grilled also. The main constituents that are found in this lettuce are sugar, phosphorus, fiber and sodium. There is also the acidic content. Rabbits cannot consume these leafy foods in high amount. They may only bite a small piece because this is extremely acidic in nature. Thus, too much consumption of this type of lettuce may not be good for health.

Many of the rabbit owners want to offer the furry pet a tasty salad every day. When you also wish to give such salad to the bunny, you should not choose cabbage and iceberg lettuce. Rather, you may plan to add dark leaf or romaine lettuce. If it is the first time, you are treating rabbits with lettuce, try to add this very slowly. In due course, you may increase the amount to some extent.

Add only a single new veggie to its diet on a particular day. Thus, when the bunny has the tendency to experience diarrhea and any other issues, it may be easy to know which item is the main problem. After providing any different food item to the rabbit, you have to wait to find when the excrement of the creature is normal. The digestive system of every rabbit is highly sensitive. The new food items may distress them quite easily.

Some other vegetables that you may add to salad to a limited amount are spinach, parsley and celery, whereas the other veggies that are to be completely avoided comprise peas, corn, potatoes and Pennyroyal mint.

Why Lettuce is Not Always Recommended?

You have now realized that the rabbits must be away from the lettuces. However, there are different views about the cause of negative impact of lettuce on rabbits. Some people say that lettuce has a compound, known as laudanum that may be risky if taken in huge quantity.

On the other hand, some others say that lettuce doesn’t have the stated substance. Edible lettuce consists of some chemical, i.e., lactucin that is an element of lactucarian. In fact, lactucarian is creamy substance, available in a number of lettuce species.

Lactucariun has analgesic and sedative effects, and it generates the feeling of euphoria. A creamy material looks as that of the opium. You can also read our article on chocolates that should not be eaten by rabbits.

How to Plan a Rabbit’s Diet?

When you are making some plan about the diet, you should remember that the needs of the rabbits are very simple. The diet of any pet rabbit must reflect to that of the wild one as far as possible. It means that you must include lots of grasses and hays with reasonable amount of the pellets.

If you find that eighty to ninety your rabbit’s diet comprises grass and hay, then they may be provided with a few veggies as only a snack on a daily basis. You must check that the veggies for the bunnies do not contain any pesticide. You have to clean the food properly before your rabbits eat it. We have a belief that the rabbits like to munch the carrots.

However, it is to be remembered that the hay is the main part of the rabbits’ diet. Vegetables can be regarded as the delicious snacks; they are not the major item. Especially, the vegetables that belong to the cole family must be avoided, for example, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and broccoli.

So, with the above details, it may become easy for you to make a decision about your rabbit’s everyday meal.

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