Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

If you are a rabbit owner, you know that the diet of your rabbit should be based on high quality pellets, fresh hay and water. Rabbits need food that is high in fiber and low in protein. Apart from their regular food, rabbits also enjoy some human foods such as vegetables (see our article on rabbits and cauliflower) and fruits. But, too much fruit is not good for rabbits because fruit is usually high in sugar.

Also, not all fruits and vegetables are safe for rabbits. It is necessary for rabbit owners to be well informed about the foods that their rabbits can eat safely and others that may be toxic for their pets.

In this article we will tell you something more about oranges and their impact on a rabbit’s health. Have you ever fed your rabbit oranges? Is this fruit safe for rabbits or it may be harmful? Just continue reading this article and you will get the answers, but first we will tell you a few things about this citrus fruit.

More about Oranges

Orange, that is also called a sweet orange, is a citrus fruit and it is similar to mandarin and pomelo. Oranges have a lot of health benefits. They don’t contain any saturated fats or cholesterol and they are low in calories. Oranges are rich in fiber that is called pectin. Oranges are great for digestion because pectin is known as a strong laxative.

Also, oranges are a great source of vitamin C, so they can boost our immune systems and prevent many diseases. Due to a high content of vitamin A, oranges can improve our eyesight. Potassium in oranges helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure and calcium helps us have strong bones.

There’s no doubt that oranges are very healthy for us humans, but what about rabbits? Can we share this fruit with our rabbits or oranges may be harmful to them? Read along and you will find out.

Are Oranges Safe for Rabbits?

If you are a rabbit owner you may be wondering if oranges are safe for rabbits. We have good news for you. You can feed your rabbit this fruit but only as an occasional treat. The recommended dose is only ¼ of this fruit and you should give it to your rabbit once or twice a week. This is enough for your rabbit and he will certainly love this delicious treat.

As long as you feed your rabbit oranges in moderation, they will be safe for him. Not only are oranges safe, but they can also be very beneficial for rabbits. They will provide your rabbit with all necessary nutrients and they will help protect your rabbit’s health. A very important thing is that oranges will prevent forming hairball in your rabbit’s guts.

Although oranges are healthy, it is not good to eat them every day. Have in mind that oranges are acidic so they can cause many gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating, diarrhea or even vomiting.

Also, it is possible that your rabbit develops a mouth ulcer as well. One more thing is that oranges are high in sugar. It means that large amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain, which is not good for your rabbit.

As you can see, eating large amounts of oranges may have some adverse effects to your rabbit’s health. Also, it is possible that your rabbit stops eating his regular food because he may get addicted to oranges. If your rabbit doesn’t get enough nutrients he may become sick.

One more important thing is that oranges that you are offering to your rabbit don’t contain seeds because they can cause blockage in the respiratory tract of your rabbit. Also, it is best to feed your rabbit an orange peel because it is much healthier than the orange pulp. ¼ of the orange peel will be a great snack for your rabbit and he will enjoy it. It is known that an orange peel contains more fiber, more flavonoids and anti-inflammatory properties than orange pulp.

Although oranges are healthy, it is not recommended to replace water with orange juice. It is necessary that rabbits have access to fresh and clean water all the time.


As you have seen in this article, oranges can be a great healthy snack for your rabbit, but it is necessary to give your rabbit only a small amount of oranges. Oranges are rich in nutrients and they can be a great addition to your rabbit’s diet. But, large amounts of oranges can have many adverse effects, so you need to feed your rabbit oranges only as occasional treats.

You should have in mind that you are responsible for your rabbit’s health, so you need to provide him a balanced and nutritional diet in order to keep him healthy and happy. Can rabbits eat capsicum and other spicy treats? It is your responsibility to find out next.

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