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Can Rabbits Eat Parsley?

Rabbits are very affectionate pets. They are gentle, dear and intelligent. Rabbits are sociable and they love company of their owners, so they are popular as pets in many homes.

However, rabbits are not good choice for people who don’t have enough time to dedicate to their pets. Rabbits seek attention and they need to play.

On the other hand, they are not good for very small children who simply don’t know how to treat them. If you are considering joining this adorable long-eared buddy to your family, keep in mind the following advices.

Rabbits originate from southwest Europe and northwest Africa. They have been popular amongst different cultures from ancient times. The first domesticated rabbits were nurtured in ancient Roman Empire. This adorable furry animal has a significant mythological and symbolic meaning all around the globe. For example, there are ancient Greek beliefs about rabbits. According to Greek mythology tales, rabbit was the favorite animal of goddess Aphrodite and a symbol of love and fertility, just as its divine mistress. In addition, rabbit is often depicted a symbol of faith, love and happiness throughout centuries of human history and world’s traditions.

As pets, rabbits love to cuddle and play. You should always treat them gently and with love, because those sensitive and cute rodents are very sociable and can be extremely devoted to their owners.

However, try not to grab them by your hands and carry around. They do not like to be raised by the ears or skin behind the neck. If you want to pick it up, place one hand under the lower part of your bunny’s body and the other under the breast. This way your pet will feel safe and secure. You can place it in your lap and caress its soft fur.

Healthy diet for rabbits

A good and healthy nutrition for your rabbit should include a variety of plant food. Rabbits are herbivores and they mostly need fresh plants on their menu. Even a few blueberries are good every now and then. The most important thing for your rabbit is hay. It should be always be available to your pet. Feed your bunny high-fiber hay on a regular basis and use low-fiber legumes as a supplement. Hay plays an essential role in protecting your bunny’s intestine tract and promotion of its digestion. It should be the first food you feed a baby rabbit. Other food should be included gradually, in order to avoid stomach problems and sickness in your pet.

Beside hay, rabbits should eat variety of fresh vegetable and herbs, such as carrots, basil, broccoli leaves, flowers and leaves of dandelions, lettuce, chard, young wheat and mixtures of seeds. Parsley is a bit controversial viand for rabbits and many owners are in dilemma whether it should be given to their pets or not. Almost all leafy green vegetable and herbs are good for your bunny. However, you should thoroughly consider its nutritional data before feeding your long-eared friend. Due to their ingredients levels, not all plants should be given in same amounts or frequency.

Avoid parsley

When it comes to plants, rabbits love to eat all the aromatic herbs freshly picked from the garden. Most of plants can be eaten raw or dried, but you need to pay special attention on their ingredients and make sure to give your bunny only those beneficial to its health. You should be very careful when giving your pet dried herbs and make sure it don’t come from contaminated areas. These include areas treated with pesticides and other chemicals, areas near traffic and flooded meadows.

Parsley is a controversial food for many rabbit owners. While some people suggest avoiding it completely, some owners give it to their rabbits in small amounts. Rabbits love its aromatic taste and will most likely eat it, no matter what are the consequences. They enjoy its grassy smell and distinctive flavor and are most likely to choose flat leafed parsley over curly one. Some owners serve small portions of parsley leaves with stems after a thorough rinse, without any health problems in their pets.

We commonly use parsley as an addition and spice to many dishes. This Mediterranean herb captivates with its amazing aroma and gives every dish a recognizable touch. It is used as a garnish all over the Europe, Middle East and America. It is not harmful to humans, but what about our furry little friends? Can rabbits safely eat parsley?

Parsley is not a good option for your bunny. There are various other herbs you can safely feed your pet and parsley is not amongst them. It contains substances that are not beneficial to your pet’s delicate belly. Parsley contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, a hint of fat, fiber and sugar. In addition, it is highly acidic, which is dangerous to rabbits’ stomach. Rabbits should not eat it at all. If they only nibble it without eating, that should be fine, but you should be extra careful with it.