Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

Just because a food looks nice and you can eat it, doesn’t mean that your rabbit should eat it as well. Some food is great for humans and certain animals, but it can be dangerous for rabbits. In order to avoid possible health complications, you must be sure that your pet is getting only the best food that has no negative effects on his health.

In general, food with high amounts of sugar should be avoided, due to the facts rabbits usually don’t find sugar in the nature. Organic grapes might be better for rabbits.

The First Fact

The first fact, when it comes to your pet’s diet is that a rabbit requires a lot of grass, grass hay and fresh fruit. Keep in mind that rabbits always find fresh fruit in the nature, so they should be fed with this type of food when they are kept in a cage. This also means that they can different fruit, but in small amounts. According to veterinarians and rabbit experts, fruits should take 10% of a rabbit’s diet. There are some people who claim that even 15% is fine, but it is a too much of sugar, so there may be certain issues. Rabbits like strawberries, so they will enjoy eating them.

However, the situation is the same with this fruit like with the other. It shouldn’t make more than 10% of their diet.

Strawberries are rich in sugar, so despite the fact they have a great taste and they are one of the favorite food of rabbits, they must be given in small amounts. In fact, one tablespoon per day is enough and this rule must be obeyed imply because larger portions may have a negative effect on the health of your friend. The best choice is to give strawberries to your rabbit as a treat. This means that he will get small portions of it and they won’t have any side effect to the health of a rabbit. If you are trying to teach something your pet, this addition may be useful and it is definitely recommended.

The Second Fact

Despite the fact strawberries can be given to your rabbit, they must be given in specific amounts, like aforementioned. In no case, they should be given every day, simply because they are rich in sugar, so they can have a negative effect on the health of your pet.

Another mistake, some rabbit owners make is feeding a rabbit only with strawberries. Although, they look delicious and they are rich in nutrients, they don’t contain all nutrients a rabbit needs. This means that a rabbit’s body cannot function properly, so there will be side effects.

Organic Strawberries

If you really like your pet, you are going to choose the best food for him. In this case, this means that you will have to get only organic strawberries. Despite the fact they are more expensive and you won’t be feeding your pet everyday with them, organic strawberries are much safer and they are definitely a wiser choice. The main difference between organic and ordinary strawberries is the way they have been grown. Organic farmers never use pesticides and herbicides.

In fact, they don’t use chemicals that may have a negative effect on the health of people who eat those products. Those side effects are even more severe for rabbits, because their immune system isn’t capable of defeating these threats. Organic strawberries are a much safer choice and they should be your main choice, if you like feeding your rabbit with this fruit.

Washing strawberries is another important factor, when it comes to a proper diet. This applies to organic and conventionally grown strawberries and it is recommended by scientists, veterinarians and pet experts. By washing a fruit, you remove the dirt, possible chemicals and other issues that may have a negative effect to the health of a rabbit. This rule should be applied to all types of food and it should be taken seriously. Never feed a rabbit with dirty or chemically processed fruit, including strawberries due to the fact their immune system is sensitive and important to good health of a rabbit.

Cleaning the Fur of a Rabbit

The subheading may be confusing, but the action is straightforward. Simply said, you must make sure your pet has clean fur. Feeding him with strawberries means that some parts of them will stay on his fur. It is recommended to clean it as soon as possible, due to the fact it may damage the fur and your rabbit won’t look as good as before. This applies to all possible cases, so maintain the look and good condition of the fur of your pet is mandatory.

If you are bathing a rabbit, make sure you use warm water. At the same time, if you are using just a small amount of water to clean the problematic area, use warm water as well. Rabbits don’t like cold water, so try to avoid it as much possible.

Feeding Rabbits with Strawberry Leaves

Feeding your rabbit with strawberry leaves is possible, this is the first fact you should know. It has no negative effect on the health of your pet. In fact, most pet owners like feeding their rabbits with strawberry leaves, simply because rabbits treat this food delicious. As always, huge amounts should be avoided, so give only a small amount of strawberry leaves to your pet.

In this case, organic product is mandatory! Keep in mind that conventional farmers use a lot of chemicals, such as pesticides to protect their crops from birds and other threats. These chemicals are harmful to every living organism, so they will be harmful to your rabbit as well. In any case, make sure you don’t use conventionally grown strawberry leaves. They can have a negative effect to the health of a rabbit and they should be definitely avoided. Keep in mind that washing these leaves won’t do any good. Plants will absorb pesticides and similar chemicals over time, so despite the fact you are washing them, these chemicals will stay deep in the plant. The other fact is that they cannot be removed from a leaf.

Combining strawberries and strawberries leaves is a great addition to your rabbit’s diet. By doing this, you get a proper meal to your rabbit, so he will be happier and more satisfied. This also means that he will get all required nutrients, due to the fact strawberries and strawberries leaves are a great mixture of nutrients. In any case, don’t give this meal every day and in large amounts. As aforementioned, large amounts can have a negative effect to the health of your pet.

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