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Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

No matter which pet you have, providing him a variety of foods is a great choice. By doing this, he will have all needed nutrient and he will be healthy.

On the other side, he will be happier as well, due to the fact animals like eating different foods. Keep in mind that most food can be shared with animals, but some fruits and vegetables shouldn’t! They may be toxic to animals, especially rabbits, so they must be eliminated from their diet. This applies to human-related food, due to the fact most pet owners like feeding their pets with the same food they eat. Keep in mind that each animal is different and he should be fed with appropriate food.

Tomatoes in a Rabbit’s Diet

Deciding should you feed your rabbit with tomatoes is simple, due to the fact the answer is very simple and almost the same as other vegetables. Yes, you can give tomatoes to your rabbit.

However, the amount of it and other fruit or vegetables should take more than 10% of the total diet. Tomatoes are rich in sugar and rabbits don’t absorb high amounts of sugar very well. It has a negative effect to their health, simply because sugar will promote growth of bad bacteria and reduce the number of good bacteria. This will be linked to diarrhea and other health issues. That’s why it is important to provide small amounts of tomatoes to your pet, if you want that. This vegetable doesn’t have a positive effect on their health, so it isn’t mandatory to be added to a diet.

Rabbits require a lot of hay. Keep in mind that it should be fresh, so it will have the highest amount of nutrients. Also, make sure you have divided hay from the bedding. It is a better choice to get a rabbit’s house, from your pet store. A rabbit should eat the equal amount of hay as his weight. If you have more than just pone rabbit, make sure that all of them get the same amount of food. Adding additional foods to their diet can be helpful. Fruit like raspberries and vegetables should be given every day, but in smaller amounts. Don’t forget that you should give this type of food just once per day and the best time is at afternoon!

Danger of Tomato Plants

Although, tomatoes can be given to rabbits, the plants cannot! They are toxic to rabbits and they can be fatal, so you must avoid them in any case. Keep in mind that this can be a severe issue, so you must make sure your rabbit doesn’t come in touch with tomatoes plants! Most rabbit owners think otherwise, simply because these plants look ‘’delicious’’ and they have interesting leaves. However, they can because severe issues with the digestive system, so they must be avoided at all cost. Even small amounts of it can be harmful, so don’t fall into temptation. Even worse, a rabbit will eat this plant, due to the fact they can find it in the nature.

If you have a garden, where tomato plants are, make sure your rabbit doesn’t have access there. He will probably eat those plants, which can be fatal. In this case, building a fence around your garden is recommended. Keep in mind that rabbits can pass even small fences, so make sure your fence is especially designed to protect your pet from this plant.

Giving Tomatoes to a Rabbit

As aforementioned, you can feed rabbits with tomatoes. In small amounts, they are harmless. The same rule is applied to rabbits and grapes. However, feeding process is a bit different. Some rabbit owners feed their pets with the whole tomatoes. This is a severe mistake and it must be avoided at all cost. As the main issue, your rabbit will get a huge amount of tomato and a huge amount of sugar. All of this will have a negative effect on his health. On the other side, he will get the tomato juices on his fur, so you will have a red and white rabbit. This looks annoying and ugly. If this happens, make sure you remove all traces of a tomato from the cage and his fur, due to the fact your rabbit likes to be clean and you should make sure he is.

The best way to give tomatoes to a rabbit is to cut it into small pieces and they feed your pet. By doing this, you can choose the correct amount of tomatoes and you will eliminate the risk from your rabbit gets traces of tomatoes on his fur. In addition, watching a rabbit eats tomatoes is a great thing.

Keep in mind that smaller rabbits and bunnies have different requirements. Feeding them with the same amount of tomatoes as adult rabbits can be dangerous and even fatal. In any case, don’t feed them with the same amount of tomatoes. Baby rabbits have un-developed digestive systems, so they cannot process tomatoes as adult rabbits. In any case, they shouldn’t get in touch with this food. In addition, this applies to all foods rich in sugar, so don’t make a mistake and feed your baby rabbit with apples, strawberries or anything else that is rich in sugar.

Pregnant, female rabbits should eat this type of food as well. They require different types of diet, so make sure you can provide it to your pet. It is recommended to have a consultation with a veterinarian, in order to determine which is best for your pet. In any case, if he or she eats a lot of food that can be dangerous to him, take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. In any case, baby rabbits and pregnant female rabbits should be taken even sooner, due to the fact their bodies are far more sensitive than adult, male rabbits. Trying to solve this issue by yourself, at home, won’t be helpful and you can make things worse. There are many methods that you can try, but most of them are helpless.