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Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is perhaps the most preferred fruit that we often enjoy during the scorching summer season. A cold juicy watermelon with sweet taste is the best fruit for giving our body maximum amount of refreshment, while we become tired. And it is natural that when we like to refresh ourselves, we also want our pets to have the same feeling all the time.

So, we believe that watermelon may be introduced to our rabbits’ diet. But, many rabbit owners have some doubts in their mind about whether it is a right decision to give watermelon to the pet.

Quench the thirst of your rabbits

A small slice, taken from watermelon, may be a wonderful option to cool down the body of your little rabbit. As your furry pet has the habit to run around all the time, it may become thirsty very often, and in that case, watermelon may act as the best thirst quencher for your rabbit. Just like coconuts, any watermelon also offers sweet taste and has a high amount of electrolytes, glutathione and antioxidants; it is the best option to remain hydrated.

At the same time, the intake of calorie by your rabbits is not very high. You know that we have a trend to drink coconut water during hot days. Perhaps, the watermelons can be the next trend and they are good for your pets also.

Different nutrients of watermelon to give benefit

The fruit will not only beat the extreme heat, but also give a huge amount of nutrients to your rabbits’ body. Watermelon has a considerable level of vitamin A and C, magnesium, potassium and beta-carotene. All these nutritious elements are really beneficial to the immune system of all rabbits.  Vitamin C of watermelon may help to fight the development of some free radicals that lead to cancer. Again, Vitamin A is essential for the enhancement of tissues in different parts of the body.

Another element, present in watermelon is Choline, which can be considered as very significant and flexible nutrient, allowing your pet to sleep well, move muscle properly and learn fast. Choline may also assist to keep up the formation of cellular coverings, help in the nerve impulse transmissions and allow fat absorption.

Obviously, benefits due to the presence of water in watermelon should not be overlooked as this water helps your rabbits to remain hydrated. However, it is to be remembered that though watermelon has some vitamins, you may still introduce a number of other vegetables (see our article on whether rabbits can eat green beans) or fruits to your pet rabbits’ diet, and this will allow your pet to gain a completely balanced diet on a daily basis.

How to serve watermelon to rabbits?

Dark black-colored seeds that you may find in any watermelon should be avoided by your rabbits. These seeds can lead to an intestinal obstruction as well as digestion issues. Besides, there is also the possibility of intoxication if watermelon seeds are consumed by your pet.

Similarly, rind of watermelon is also not so good for your rabbits’ body.  Thus, the best process to offer your bunny this fruit is by washing off the surface coat and taking away all of the seeds.

In addition to it, another thing, which is to be noted, is that the juice of watermelons is extremely sticky in nature, and when your pet treads on it, or stroke against it, the furry body may make their hair dull. In that case, you may need to clean or wash rabbit’s body.

Besides, another thing, which is already stated, is that you must focus on moderate amount. Still, if you have found that there are some changes in your rabbits, while emptying the bowels, then you may avoid giving watermelons to those bunnies. When it is the first time you are providing rabbits with watermelon, two or three pieces may be the enough amount.

Other foods for rabbits

Rabbits depend on those foods that contain the extreme amount of fiber, for example, grass and hay, and it helps to maintain the function of their digestive structure. If you feed your rabbit only watermelon by excluding all other fibrous foods, it may lead to a disorder in your bunny’s digestive system. The digestion process may be slowed down or get stopped completely. Unfortunately, bunnies possess sweet tooth, and thus unrestricted intake of watermelon may allow your rabbit to ignore healthier foods.

Besides, there is another issue regarding your rabbits’ watermelon consumption, and it is the huge quantity of sugar, present in this fruit.

Moreover, it also leads to detrimental bacteria that disturbs GI zone of your rabbit. A reasonable number of watermelon pieces should be provided to a rabbit. For instance, one teaspoon of small pieces for every two pounds weight is moderate amount. Thus, you must not offer a huge piece of watermelon to your rabbit. However, there are some more considerations, while you are going to give watermelon to a cute rabbit.

Thus, from the above discussion, you have perhaps understood that watermelon can be best occasional treat for your rabbits. Squash is also a good treat for rabbits every now and then. You may find out some ways in which watermelon can be served to rabbits. For instance, you may cut up watermelon in small squares pieces and then put these bits into a plastic bag to keep it in a freezer. Obviously, your rabbit will enjoy those cold treats during a hot day. You can thus give some extra fun as it takes a bit more time for eating frozen portion of watermelon.