Can Rats Eat Blueberries?

Rats have become our pets somewhere in the nineteenth century. They were considered pests and danger for so long, often associated with dirt, diseases and poverty.

However, their actual nature is completely different. In fact, rats are clean animals, when living in good conditions. They don't enjoy messy places, as many would think! Once taken as pets, those amazing rodents could be so adorable and cute. In addition, they are intelligent, playful and considered the most entertaining pets.

Rats are quite sociable animals, since they naturally live in packs. They are easily adapted to human environment and they get used to their owners without difficulties. Rats enjoy company of humans, actually. They love to spend time playing with their humans, exploring the area, climbing, running and cuddling. They are not as demanding as some bigger pets, so they are good choice for young families.

However, rats are affectionate and gentle. Although they require less attention than cats or dogs, domesticated rats rely on their humans to provide them good, long and happy life. They come in different colors, their fur should be shiny and their eyes bright. If your pet is playful and curious, that is the first sign it is satisfied and healthy. To keep your pet in a good shape you need to equip it with some interesting devices to play and exercise, a cage big enough and a healthy nutrition.

Healthy nutrition as an essential

We all know healthy and balanced diet plan is a base stone for any of our pets' safe development. Nutritional diet would keep our dear fellows in good shape and good mood.

So, how to feed a rat? Your tiny friend is not difficult to feed, because it is an omnivore, meaning it eats different sorts of viands. A rat is small, so it doesn't require tones of food to grow strong. However, there are things to pay attention on.

Feeding your rat purchased mixtures designed especially for rats is probably the best option. It is nutritional and it would meet your pet's basic daily requirements, in terms of food. It should be used as a basic food, enriched with some amounts of other types of food. Fruits and vegetables are always welcome, including tomatoes that can be watery, as well as occasional portions of mead, yogurt, cheese and such. Try to avoid feeding your pet human sweets and snacks.

On the other hand, some types of leftovers are okay. Those include your breakfast cereals, some cooked food and even extremely small chunks of dark chocolate.

Delicious beneficial blueberries

As you already may know, fruit is important in rats’ diet. Those rodents need various types of nutrients and they are able to digest different types of food. Fresh, healthy fruits are the most welcome on the menu! Nutritional and juicy blueberries are high on rat friendly fruit list.

Blueberries are packed with vitamins, minerals and other valuable material, useful to your pet. Rats enjoy eating them and there is no reason to avoid this delicious fruit on your pet's menu.

Blueberries are healthy and beneficial to rats and they could be safely served as a treat and addition to your pet's regular diet. You may be concerned about the amounts and potential risks of too many raw blueberries. Well, rats are note so prone to overeating, so they wouldn't crave for unlimited supplies of raw food. They eat what they need.

However, to prevent risk of diarrhea, feed your pet only small amounts of these healthy berries.

Frozen forest fruits mix with blueberries is also safe for your pet. You should taw it first, of course. Berries are generally good for rats. They don't contain toxic cyanide pits, so they are very good option to enrich your lovely friend's menu. Almonds are also good for rats, as long as they are given in moderation.

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