Can Rats Eat Tomatoes?

Taken as pets, rats are so adorable little fellows! Those cute and cuddly animals have been popular as pets since nineteenth century. Although many people still keep away from them, considering rats are pests and disease bearers, there are some who can't resists their charms. Domesticated rats that are grown to be sold as pets are clean and delicate animals. They are lovely, playful and not so demanding to take care off. If you decide to adapt one, we're sure you'll experience many joyful moments with your new pet.

Those tiny and intelligent rodents are the best choice as pets for young families. They enjoy the company of humans, being extremely playful and curious buddies. Rats are very intelligent and they easily learn to recognize their owners. Rats do not require complicated care, but they still need your time, love and devotion. Provide your pet the best possible living conditions, a lot of play and good nutrition plan.

If you treat your rat right way, it will be healthy and happy. Rats don't live long, so you need to be very gentle and careful towards them. Their life span spreads from two, three to seven years maximum. Keep its home tidy and clean, play with it and feed it good food (you can also learn on the site if strawberries are in the list).

What do rats eat?

Rats could eat all sorts of food. Unlike other pets, they can digest many different types of food, as well as viands we eat. Rats could even be fed leftovers from our table, as occasional treat. Avoid too spicy, salty, fatty and sugary food, of course. However, they really need to have well balanced diet plan, to grow healthy and strong.

The best solution is to feed your rat purchased mixture of seeds and grains, as a basic food. You can easily buy it in any pet store. Those mixtures usually contain barley, rice, sunflower seeds and such. You should add some fresh veggies and fruits as well, like carrots which are healthy for rats. Small, occasional servings of diary products and meat are also welcome. Fresh and clean water should be always available, of course.

Are tomatoes good for rats?

Vegetables are important in rats’ nutrition. Those rodents eat all sorts of viands and they require nutrients coming from vegetables, served both raw and cooked. Rat owners usually wonder what vegetables are safe for their pets, in order to prevent their cute rodents get ill or experience stomach problems. What is the story behind tomatoes?

According to many experienced rat owners, tomatoes are safe. In fact, those little fellows really enjoy their juicy flesh and rich taste. Rats just love eating tomatoes; some of them show particular interest in delicious cherry tomatoes. The common thing they do is that most of rats would most likely eat up the whole tomato flesh and leave the skin.

Tomatoes are full of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. They are good for rats, but you have to be cautious if your pet is not used to watery type of veggies. So, treat it just a bite of tomato in the beginning, to let it adjust to the new food on the menu. Too much tomatoes given in one row could get your dear little friend diarrhea, if it's not used to it. If everything goes fine, you can safely use tomatoes to enrich your pet’s diet plan.

Commercial mixture of seeds and grains, combined with some occasional treats of other types of food and healthy fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, represents a good and balanced plan for feeding a rat.

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