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Golden retrievers are considered one of the world’s most popular dog breeds. This is quite evident when you see social media with the majority of dog owners posting videos of Goldies. 

As a dog lover, you must already be aware of the breed Goldendoodle. But many still get confused as to why they should go for this designer breed and what is the difference between these two breeds apart from the vast cost difference?

We have listed a few differences that will help you choose the right breed.

1. Origin

This breed has existed for decades and is originally from the Scottish Highlands. They are retrievers who were bred to fetch the kill during the hunt; they are working dogs and are quite energetic.

adult goldendoodle

On the other hand, Goldendoodles are designer dog breeds or hybrid dog breeds that have come into existence in more recent years. After the success of Labradoodle, Goldendoodle was an inspiration using two different parent breeds so that the litter gains the good qualities of both dogs. This was the early 1990s.

As retrievers are pure breed, hence their traits are quite similar. They are super friendly and mainly goofy with high energy. On the other hand, as a Goldendoodle can inherit traits from both parents, it is tough to learn if it has a dominant poodle gene or a Goldie gene. 

The traits of the litter highly depend on the generation of the litter. When you’re in the market for Goldendoodles, you may also hear the terms “F1” or “F1B”. It’s important to know the difference between the F1 and F1B Goldendoodle to fully understand which is more desirable to you.

2. Size

Because it is a designer breed, Goldendoodle can weigh between 60 and 90 pounds on average, which is higher when compared to Golden Retrievers weighing between 55 and 75 pounds on average. 

Goldendoodles can differ in appearance though based on their parentage. You can find miniature and toy Goldendoodles as well that range from 15 pounds to 40 pounds.

goldendoodle puppy

There are toy designer doodle breeds, too, and miniaturizing large breeds is common nowadays. This is mainly because of the large dogs’ calm temperament that many owners prefer. 

But understand that to minimize a large dog breed, the mini poodle genes need to be dominant; hence, the result would be a smaller version of the larger dog physically, but its traits will be similar to the poodle parents.

3. Coat Color

While Golden retrievers come in a limited variety of color, Goldendoodles come in a vast range of colors depending on their Poodle parent.

Golden Retrievers have double coats with shorter inner coats that protect them against the cold weather and the longer outer coat that is wavy and golden in color. The variation in color could be light, dark, or plain golden. You will also find a version of English cream Golden retrievers whose coat color nears white goldens.

On the other hand, with Goldendoodles, there are not limited color options as the color can vary as per the parentage. In fact, their coats can be wavy, curly or straight and come in a wide variety of colors. The most common ones you will find are brown, black, cream and red.

golden retrievers playing

Another significant difference to be noted is that Golden retrievers shed a lot as they are double coated. They will shed excessively twice a year and they moderately shed throughout the year.

Goldendoodles were bred to create a designer breed with traits of the retriever and non-shedding fur like the poodle. This is why experienced breeders can successfully breed the dogs to get a litter which does not shed and is hypoallergenic

This is highly dependent on the generation of breeding, hence ensure you get your dog from a backyard breeder but an experienced one. People who are allergic can benefit from getting a Goldendoodle instead.

4. Temperament

Golden retriever is the friendliest dog breed of all, just like Labradors. They love to socialize and they are fond of people. This is mainly why they are bad guard dogs. They love children and are quite gentle with them. 

They will not harm your child, but due to their goofiness and size, they may accidentally knock the child while being playful. They make great family dogs, though, and you will find them excited to see just about anyone.

golden retriever puppy with little girl

They are highly trainable and food-motivated, which makes the process easier. They are excellent trackers and hence many times trained for rescue operations. Golden Retrievers can easily stay around other dogs or cats.

Goldendoodles are also quite similar. They are super social and are happy around people. They have two smart parents, hence highly trainable. If they inherit more of the poodle parent gene, then their temperament will be calmer than any Goldie.

5. Activity Level

Golden Retrievers were bred to reworking dogs, as their purpose was to retrieve the kill during hunts. Though they are not used for this anymore, they still are full of energy that needs to be burned. They need 60 minutes of hard exercise everyday so that they are calm when brought back home. 

Large sized dogs full of energy inside a home is not a good idea. They will try to burn their energy inside the house, breaking valuables. Hence, tire them during their walk session. They love to swim hence you can also play fetch with them in the pool and they do not get tired easily.

Goldendoodles are also active dogs, and they do need a moderate level of exercise. They need to be exercised for at least 30 minutes in a day, but they do enjoy longer walks or hikes too. They also love water and enjoy a game of fetch in the pond. But if you can’t go out everyday, there are ways to exercise indoors as well.

The Bottom Line

Both Golden Retriever and Goldendoodles are friendly dogs which are great for family and we really cannot say which one is better as both have their own personalities. Both breeds have to offer so much to potential pet parents and families. 

You will have to go through the traits of each one of them to come to a concussion which would be a great fit to your family. What we can assure is whatever your decision might be, you will end up with a best furry friend for several years.