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The cost of prescription cat food can accumulate over time, but the last thing you want is to run out of funds for the food your pet needs. You probably know that pet insurance providers have certain exclusions. What you might not know is whether prescription pet foods are one of the exclusions. Here’s what you need to know from our expert team.

What is Considered as Prescription Pet Food?

Prescription pet foods are foods that are scientifically formulated to help meet your pet’s nutritional requirements or manage different health issues in pets. As the name denotes, you require a valid prescription from a qualified vet or pet nutritionist to buy prescription pet food. 

A veterinary nutritionist can diagnose and prescribe pet food for pets with special needs. Such pets may either be sick or unable to consume ordinary pet food. 

According to pet experts, prescription pet foods are formulated to address different health conditions. A certified vet should be able to prescribe the right food for your pet after evaluating its health status. 

Estimate Costs

There are many factors that influence the expected cost of prescription pet food. These include the type of pet, its size (larger pets would require more food), the duration the pet needs to be on prescription pet food (the duration will vary depending on your pet’s health condition), and the brand of the recommended prescription pet food.

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However, pet owners can estimate the costs of prescription pet food when they know the price of the entire bag of prescription pet food. They then need to find out the food size their pet needs daily based on its size, find the money value of this portion, and then multiply that value by 365 days.

For instance, if prescription pet food costs $90 per 15lb. (6.8kg) bag, then the food costs $6 per pound. If your pet is required to have a half-pound of the food daily based on its size, then the estimated cost of the food per day is $3 or $1,095 per year.

Common Prescription Pet Food

Here are some common types of prescription pet food to treat the following conditions:

  • Urinary Health
  • Weight Management
  • Kidney Support
  • Allergy Care [1]
  • Digestive Care

Are They Covered by Pet Insurance Policies?

Does pet insurance cover prescription pet food? The short answer from our team is that it depends on the pet insurance policy.

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Keep in mind that many pet insurance policies include certain exclusions. That’s why some pet insurance providers do not offer coverage for prescription pet food. On the surface, one insurance policy may look similar to another. Therefore, pet owners should take a closer look at different insurance plans before buying coverage. That way, you can tell exactly what is covered and what is not and narrow your options from there.

Some pet insurance companies that cover prescription pet food include Embrace, Healthy Paws, PetsBest, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Trupanion, and Pet First. Some pet insurance companies have covers for prescription pet food but the prescription pet food must be purchased as part of an additional plan.

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Is prescription dog food covered by pet insurance?

Whether prescription dog food is covered by pet insurance depends on the policy. While some pet insurance companies cover prescription dog food, some do not. Before purchasing a pet insurance policy for your dog, always read the fine print on the insurance policies to know if a prescription dog food is covered or not.

Does Pet Assure cover prescription food?

Pet Assure does not cover prescription food. Pet Assure offers a veterinary discount program. According to their plan exclusions, Pet Assure doesn’t cover any outsourced services, which include prescription foods and non-medical services, such as routine grooming and boarding. 


Does pet insurance cover prescription pet food? Our team says it depends on the pet insurance company’s policy. Pet insurance companies mainly focus on offering pet owners the ability to enjoy better and cheaper medical care for their pets by covering vet bills that pet owners might otherwise not be able to afford. However, some also offer policies that cover prescription pet foods while others cover prescription pet food as part of an additional plan.

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