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As a company operating for almost 100 years, State Farm is widely known for providing communities with comprehensive insurance packages. However, considering their diverse offerings, it has us wondering — does State Farm have pet insurance? Upon confirming this fact, our expert fur parents decided to examine its policies to see if they’ll suit every pet’s needs. 

State Farm’s Pet Insurance

Trupanion Policy

Back in 2018, a partnership deal between Trupanion and State Farm happened in an attempt to provide pet owners with the best medical and expense coverage for their furry companions. Despite the integration of the top-rated Trupanion policy, the question still stands. Does state farm have pet insurance coverages worthy of your time and money? Let’s find out.

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Pets Covered

Unlike other pet insurance company providers, the breed of your furry friends is not part of the requirements to qualify for a State Farm policy. In fact, when asked about these restrictions commonly implemented by competitors, their representatives highlighted that they focus on prevention education rather than breed discrimination.

Our resident fur parents are incredibly impressed upon knowing that this company does not reject policy applications based on breeds for as long as your pet has no prior biting history recorded [1]


Through this policy, Trupanion will cover 90% of all your pet’s medical expenses as long as it’s eligible with the terms you signed. The covered services include illnesses, accidental injuries, therapies, supplements, surgeries, hospitalization, and many more.

dog in blood pressure monitor

It’s not a secret that pets are prone to hereditary conditions. While taking a closer look at their policy, our experts found out that they cover inherited indispositions like thyroid disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, and elbow & hip dysplasia. 

On top of that, congenital conditions like heart problems, nervous system issues, liver complications, and cataracts are also part of the coverage. If you don’t have any official vet diagnosis and your furbaby is experiencing symptoms like diarrhea, frequent vomiting, or cough, State Farm’s Trupanion Policy also got your back on that. 


The ease of filing and processing claims is one of the factors we tried to look into when evaluating State Farm pet insurance policies. And as our resident pet owners predicted, it involves simple procedures. 

If your vet happens to be working directly with the company, there’s no need for any further filing because they’ll do the legwork for you. However, if you’re visiting a clinic outside the company’s partnership network, then you have to settle the deductibles and 10% of the bill along with the claims within 24 hours.


Like any other insurance policy, State Farm’s pet insurance premium pricing depends on which coverage your furbaby qualifies, your location, and your pet’s size and age. The good thing is, you have the freedom to assign the deductible amount from $0 to $1,000. 

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They also offer a separate Pet Owner Assistance Package covering pet boarding fees, property damages, accidental death, and lost pet rewards for a monthly flat rate of $4.95. If you happen to be residing in Florida, you have the option to pay your premiums between three installments accompanied by certain discount conditions. 


As much as there are many perks to be enjoyed when you apply for your furbaby’s insurance, there are certain limits our team advises you to always keep an eye on. For example, this company has a 30-day illness waiting period and five days for accidental injuries. 

If something occurred and it’s not declared in your application, then the policy will not be able to cover it. State Farm also implements an age limit on pets around 14 years of age. 

Customer Support

Considering that State Fram has Trupanion specialists handling concerns about pet insurances, it didn’t surprise our fur parent experts how reliable their customer service team was. Their lines are available 24/7 every day, so we didn’t have any issues trying to reach them through call or via their website. 

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Now that you’re well-informed about these offerings, the next best thing to do is weigh in as a responsible fur parent. Does State Farm have pet insurance policies perfectly fit for your fluffy companion? From their overall coverage to excellent customer support, our experts can stand firm that this insurance provider will aid your furbaby’s development and well-being.

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