Nature’s Recipe Dog Food Reviews 2017

Some dogs are very choosy, like cats in terms of their eating habit. You may be very concerned about their food preference and health. Some have more needs in accordance to their age, which is why we have an article on the most recommended dog food for senior canines. Preparing a dog’s food, by choosing the right ingredients, is very tough because you don’t know what is healthy for your dog.

So, it is good to buy the best-branded dog food recipe, made of natural elements. Nature's Recipe is a very prominent brand, offering these kinds of food. You can read the reviews of some packages, presented by this brand.

Healthy Skin Dry Dog Food from Nature's Recipe

Try this recipe to make your dog stronger and energetic.


Natures Recipe Healthy Skin Dry Dog FoodProvides shiny skin with fatty acids – Your pets perhaps have not the ability to absorb enough acid from his intestinal parts. That is why you give more benefits to your dog by offering the food enriched with Omega Fatty acid.

Recipe based on vegetables – Some of the doggies are found to have intolerance and allergy to the specific foods, like pork, meat and dairy goods. If your dog has also such kind of problem, then it is better to let your pup depend only on vegetarian formula. In addition to it, the special canine food, created by Nature's Recipe, is also able to cure lots of syndromes, such as flaky and itchy skin. With this carefully produced food formula, your dog may get a completely balanced meal, which offers lots of nutrients and protein.

Adds more strength to the dog’s vision – We all know that vitamin A has the power to maintain the health of eyes. If you think that your dog is experiencing any eye-problem, then this recipe may bring in some positive effect.

Controls your dog’s weight – Overweight is a problem to everyone. The pet owners, who have bought Nature's Recipe, have claimed that their dogs’ are now in control after having the food on a regular basis.

No presence of hazardous colorants – Colorants in any food are really harmful, and so Nature's Recipe has avoided the use of any such substance to the dog’s recipe.


  • Weight can also be reduced
  • Helps eyesight
  • No risky chemical


  • Need to be used within short time to avoid spoilage as the pack is too big
  • Little pricey 

Nature's Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

Fill your dog’s bowl with this food and your pet will surely love to eat it.


Natures Recipe Adult Dry Dog FoodNo possibility of getting rotten – As this is a dry food, you may not have any chance to experience rancidity. So, let your dogs eat the delicious foods with its comfortable speed.

Excellent protein from lamb meat – This lamb-based meal offers considerable protein, which is important for a dog’s body. Protein-rich food is significant to cure all the tissues and keep up the health to control physical mechanism. Moreover, this protein may also have a good effect on the skin quality and muscles. In fact, the ingredients, based on lamb, are treated and condensed properly before launching it.

Fiber enriched recipe – Another important element in the dog’s recipe is barley, which may cleanse your pet’s intestine. This fiber-rich barley makes sure that your dog’s bowel is functioning well. Besides, barley is also an important element to help you dog in recovering from some ailments or the condition after surgery. Moreover, the presence of rice also allows your dog to get energy.

Make your dog’s coat glossier – It is due to Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for which your dog can regain the lost luster of his coat.

Colorants and corns not added– Corns and colorants are not much good for dogs, and thus, they are not combined in the recipe.


  • Gives more energy
  • Artificial colors cannot be found


  • Causes diarrhea in some dogs
  • Renal problems in rare cases

Nature's Recipe Dry Dog Food – Chicken and Pumpkin

This is also a nutritious recipe for your dogs.


Natures Recipe Dry Dog FoodProtein-rich food –  The canine animals always need protein as they are usually flesh eater. So, your pet dog has to be nourished with special recipe, in which chicken is incorporated. Obviously, this animal protein will help your dog’s muscles to become quite healthier and stronger.

Suitable for all dogs – No matter what the age of your dog is, this recipe is best for any age and breed of dog.

Grain-free recipe – The best brands always make the dog’s food free of grains. You can see more choices on this list. It means that there is very low amount of carbohydrate. However, it does not indicate that your dog will not get carbohydrate in any way. There are some alternatives, added to the formula to increase carbohydrate. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are such elements, included in the package for supplying carbohydrate. This grain-free item is also good for the cats that have diabetes.


  • Protein-based food
  • No grain and color
  • Perfect for all dogs


  • Contains Menadione- a controversial element
  • Looks odd- reddish orange due to pumpkin 

Easy to Digest Chicken Meal

It is another recipe in which chicken is the major ingredient.


Natures Recipe Easy to Digest Dry Dog FoodNo presence of beef – Generally, it is better to keep your dogs away from beef because often beef is not raised properly. So, Nature’s Recipe has excluded beef from its product.

Easily digestible – Natural fibers and prebiotics are added to this tasty recipe to allow curing of digestive problems. So, your doggie will grow very fast digesting all the foods it eats.

No wheat and corn – Nature’s Recipe has not these constituents because they aren’t good, if they cover a major part of a dog’s diet.


  • Healthy ingredients that have protein and vitamin
  • Fibers helping digestion
  • Flavors and colors are not present


  • Not fit for dogs with chicken allergy
  • Need better ingredients

Wet Dog Food Cuts in Gravy

This is also package, offered by Nature’s recipe to give a balanced meal to doggies.


Natures Recipe Wet Dog Food Cuts in GravyMaintains hydration – As this is a wet food, there is quite high level of moisture, which allows your pet to stay hydrated. Besides, it can also sustain the condition of urinary path. Besides, wet foodstuffs have low carbohydrates and good for managing weight. Some people think that these wet foods can cause dental damage. However, this is not true, and you may offer these foods of the required amount.

High nutritional value – The recipe has brown rice, which significant amount of protein and fiber. Besides, if your dog has constipation, this recipe is good for him.

Delicious taste – As this food offers gravy to your dog, it may please the taste buds of your pet. If your dog is feeling bored with the dry foods, you can allow him to taste the gravy-filled foods.

Protein from lamb – With this Nature’s Recipe package, you can give your dog tasty gravy, filled with some small food pieces. In fact, this is a lamb meal, which presents your dog with digestible amino acids.


  • Wonderful flavor
  • Wet food with gravy
  • Nutritious recipe, providing energy to dogs


  • Some dogs don’t like the lamb meat
  • May not fit for dogs having liver problem

24-Pack Grain Free for Pets

This recipe is intended for the grown-up dogs. Almost two to three cups are enough for five pound body weight.

However, puppies may also eat in small amount. There are more options on our list of the best grain-free dog food you can buy.


24-Pack Grain Free for PetsA completely dietary recipe – The food package includes brown rice in right amount to relieve your dog from constipation problem. Besides, brown rice may also enable your pet in feeling full. It provides energy as well as protein, which is must for regular dog’s meal. In addition to it, carrot is also inserted in special package of Nature’s Recipe, and it is appropriate for the dogs, which are suffering from diarrhea.

Chicken as main constituent – As the manufacturer has focused mainly on chicken while preparing the recipe, your pooch is likely to have lots of protein.

No artificial element – Wheat and corns are better avoided in any dog’s food. Besides, synthetically prepared colorants are also never included in this food package. Nature’s Recipe always constitutes organic substances. Thus, there is no fear of any side effect of your dogs.


  • Contains chicken as its foremost ingredient
  • Offers energy and carbohydrates
  • No flavors and harmful colors


  • Not good for dogs having stomach issue
  • Salty to some dogs 

Grain Free Dog Biscuits

This is a very different food with a crunchy feature.


Natures Recipe Grain Free Dog BiscuitsBest ingredients of turkey – As the food constitutes real turkey, there is protein in high amount. Besides, this is also an excellent source of phosphorus, potassium and iron. Your dog will also gain niacin and other vitamins, which are essential to produce energy in the body. Give this food to your dog regularly for maintaining cholesterol.

Good in taste – The blend of sweet potatoes adds a different taste to food. Besides, this exclusive grain-free package can be digested very easily. The texture of this food is also much crispy.


  • Protein available from turkey
  • Keep the muscles fit
  • Appetizing and digestible food for all dogs


  • Strong fish smell


All the dog foods from Nature’s Recipe are highly nutritious and offer your dog a perfect diet. As no synthetic component is applied to them, your dog may not be harmed in any way. Dogs that have allergies may need some special care, and you have to change his diet chart, if he is having problems with the present foods.

However, you can choose the above wet and dry foods for dog to help your pet in curing the minor physical problems.

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