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Pet owners can experience confusion and frustration in trying to figure out the best way they can care for their pets. Knowing vital information about your pet’s food, behavior, nature, home, health and many other things is a MUST for pet parents. Newbie or not, there is always new information to learn about our beloved animal friends, and we’re here to keep you updated.

We understand the concerns and struggles every pet owner has, and we know the answer to each of them. We aren’t all about a collection of pet information though, Petsolino is equally passionate about caring for animals too. We’re here to help you give the best care to your pets.

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These loyal buddies are great for companionship, so they deserve only the best—and we have a whole collection of them. From the best food options for different breeds and health conditions, to grooming instruments and helpful accessories—every dog mom or dad will find top suggestions and interesting tidbits in this section. Check the recent article we published about best high fiber dog food for anal gland problems.



Cats are common pets, but there’s more to them than what many are aware of. These carnivorous mammals, domesticated or not, are interesting group of animals. Find out what cats can and cannot eat, the best cat repellents, plus other informative details on their behavior.



The long-eared, short-tailed, and small fluffy mammals are amazing starter pets, mainly because it’s easy to care for them. But these adorable herbivorous creatures need more than just any plant you can feed it—you can find the best food options for your pet rabbit here! If you’re on the opposite end and don’t want wild rabbits lurking in your yard, we have the top repellents for you as well.

Guinea Pigs

guinea pigs

For many years, guinea pigs have served so many purposes for humans, and being a home pet is one of them. These tail-less rodents are very social and love their vegetables. Get to know more about these cute common pets and how you can provide them their best homes with our selection of top beddings and hay.



Another group of favorite house pets, especially for kids, are hamsters—these adorable rodents with small ears, stubby legs, and short tails. Hamsters are known to love grains and seeds, but what more can you feed them? And what are the best options for their bedding? Find it all out in this section!



Rats are intelligent pets that truly enjoy spending time with humans, so it’s not surprising they common house pets. Thinking of keeping one as a pet? Think again! These creatures need a companion or two, and they have preferences when it comes to food, too! Read more about them here.



Birds are highly mobile, but some breeds are great for keeping as pets as well. Find the right pet bird for you and get to know how to properly feed and care for them. We added more interesting info articles to widen your knowledge about these feathered pets, too!

Other Pets

other pets

There are a huge number of different animals we can keep as pets, and we have interesting info about many of them here. Find out helpful and interesting information about other animals right here. We’ll give you fun and facts about food, home, repellents, behavior, grooming, safety, and everything in between.

You can count on Petsolino’s informative articles as we want you to get the best for your pets. We take these things seriously, because these pieces of information can help not only with things like pet discomfort, but also on things that might put your pets’ lives at risk.

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